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Rick Ross Reacts To DJ Envy Lawsuit Over Alleged $1 Million Real Estate Fraud

Rick Ross pounced on DJ Envy following news that the radio DJ is being sued over an alleged $1 million real estate fraud

Rick Ross DJ Envy
Rick Ross, DJ Envy

The lawsuits against DJ Envy are piling up as the talk show host has been slapped with two new lawsuits alleging that he ran a real estate Ponzi scheme that cost its victims millions of dollars.

On Friday, a plaintiff by the name of Trevor Roman listed DJ Envy, whose real name is RaaShaun Casey, along with Cesar Pina and several companies as defendants in the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Bergen County.

A separate lawsuit against the defendants was filed by another plaintiff, Stanley Acosta. The lawsuits accuse DJ Envy and the other defendants, which includes his close friend Cesar of real estate fraud. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants collected over $1.5M as part of an apartment project but failed to deliver the promised real estate. These promised investments stem from 2018.

This makes four plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against DJ Envy and Cesar and his wife, Jennifer Pina.

Earlier this month, plaintiffs Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini filed a lawsuit seeking compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages from the defendants for losses incurred from the 2018 project.

According to the details of that lawsuit, Pina and his wife represented that they were constructing a 3.5 million apartment complex with 50 apartments. After pouring in over a million dollars, the complex failed to materialize.

The plaintiffs claim that Martini’s signature was forged by the Pinas, and to date, only the foundation for the construction has been poured. The Pinas claimed that the pandemic had affected the construction.

In the meantime, DJ Envy’s rival Rick Ross reacted to the latest news about Envy’s lawsuit, writing in the comments section of a Neighborhood Talk post, “Time to tattoo that hairline too.”

Rick Ross and DJ Envy have been going back and forth for months since their car show quarrel.