Minister Marion Hall Gives Powerful Testimony At Reggae Sumfest 2023

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, closed Reggae Sumfest 2023 with a bang switching from her previous hardcore dancehall performances to a blend of gospel with subtle dancehall. She also handed out thousands of bibles as promised

Minister Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall at Reggae Sumfest 2023

Minister Marion Hall delivered on her promise to give away bibles and bring her version of the message of God to patrons at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday night. The artist formerly known as Lady Saw did not hold back as she gave an emotional performance that ranged from what looked like a gospel remix of her hit song “Man Ah Di Least” and addressed her critics.

Minister Hall popped up in an olive-green coat and matching cargo-style pants as she sang her latest song, “Kiss Out Mi Bible,” before going into several freestyles as she gyrated her waist. “Weh Mi Choppa fren dem deh,” Hall said as she burst into a song about “duppy guard ring” not being sufficient to stop them from leaving in a “body bag.”

Minister Marion Hall also called out the Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, as she spoke about the state of the country. “Mr. Holness right now you need holiness and right now Jamaica is in mess, from Mobay to St. Elizabeth, the people a bawl how dem so depress,” she said.

The artiste interspersed bible verses in her performance, noting that the bible spoke about the poor, but the people were poorer than the poor.

Hall told fans that the country was in the midst of a battle and that there were entities that people did not know about.

Hall also gave away more than 1000 Bibles at the event. The Hendrickson’s bible is the King James Version and offers notes and study guides to help its reader.

As she emerged on stage with her bible, the artist addressed the criticisms she faced when it was announced that she was performing at Sumfest, noting that she planned to save lives for God. According to her, her bible came from a woman of God who came into a secular event where Hall was performing as Lady Saw and gave her a bible with a special note that God had instructed her to do so.

“I’m giving you these Bibles and I want you to read them, study these words, feast on them, eat the whole scroll,” she said as fans clamored before the stage to collect a bible. The bibles were donated by Cedella Marley and other fans of Hall.