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G Herbo Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud Now Faces 20 Years In Prison

G Herbo faces a lengthy prison sentence after copping a plea deal in his ongoing fraud case

G Herbo
G Herbo

G Herbo has agreed to take a plea deal in the federal fraud and identity theft case brought against him in 2020.

A plea offer was made to the rapper, and it seems that he has agreed to the terms as prosecutors filed the agreement in the U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday.

The notice of the agreement comes after Herbo was also ordered to attend court on Wednesday (July 19), possibly over violation of his bond conditions following his arrest on separate charges for possession of a gun in Chicago last week. He would have likely been sent back to jail for violating his bond conditions.

Born Herbert Wright, Herbo was charged in what prosecutors say was an elaborate scheme involving his manager Antonio Strong and five others where they used credit cards with stolen identity to book luxury vacations in Jamaica and bought “designer” puppies to further their lifestyle. Their spending amounted to over $1.5 million in fraudulent charges for the private jet to Jamaica, the luxury villa they stayed at, and two dogs.

In the meantime, Rolling Stone reported that the plea agreement would have to be accepted by the judge. A hearing for the rapper to formally agree to the terms will be set later this month.

The rapper was originally looking at a 20-year bid in jail but could be looking at a lesser sentence which may be low to almost no jail time and probation conditions.

Other details of the plea agreement are that the rapper will pay restitution to the persons he defrauded, which includes $140,000 in restitution to several victims and $10,458 to company Woof Woof Puppies located in Michigan.

“Wright used the proceeds of these frauds to travel to various concert venues and to advance his career by posting photographs and/or videos of himself on the private jets, in the exotic cars, and at the Jamaican villa,” part of the proposed plea arrangement read.

“In addition, Wright helped Strong obtain designer puppies from a business by falsely representing to the business that Wright was the actual purchaser of the puppies and by concealing Strong’s actual identity from the business,” it said.

As for Strong, he is also accepting a plea deal. This comes following the two previously denying knowing each other, but authorities say that Herbo, who has been investigated since 2018, lied to the feds that he and Strong didn’t do business and that he never gave him money or procured or benefitted from anything by him.

Herbo is accused of being the criminal mastermind after authorities showed that there was evidence from their phones and social media linking the two since 2016 when Strong would procure cars, private jets, Airbnb, etc., for the rapper.