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6ix9ine Warned By Police About Threats In Puerto Rico Ahead Of Concert

6ix9ine was advised by Puerto Rican police not to travel to the Caribbean island for his performance due to threats against him in the midst of a feud with Anuel AA


Tekashi 6ix9ine is being told by authorities to stay off of the island of Puerto Rico amid a number of death threats toward him.

The “FEFE” rapper is scheduled to make an appearance at an event on the island on Thursday (July 20). However, the Puerto Rican police have warned him not to enter the country. 6ix9ine was booked to perform inside Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan for the Youth Awards, which is hosted by Univisión. According to local news outlet Elvocero, the popular Latino network was asked by Police Commissioner Antonio López to remove 6ix9ine from the roster following the death threats.

This was after the network itself informed the police of the threats against the rapper’s life. The authorities are afraid they will not be able to fully protect the rapper, just as how they are unable to actually stop him from traveling to the country. However, a security plan will reportedly be put in place.

Tekashi, who is half Puerto Rican and half Mexican, previously denounced his Puerto Rican heritage on account of his Puerto Rican father abandoning him as a young child. During a recorded chat at the World Baseball Classic in March, where Mexico competed against Puerto Rico in the quarterfinals, the rapper claimed that he would only support the Mexican team and waved the country’s flag. “My dad abandoned me,” an inebriated 6ix9ine said at the time, “[He’s] Puerto Rican!” 6ix9ine then proceeded to praise his mom, who he said raised him Mexican and played the role of mom and dad to him.

In addition to disavowing his Puerto Rican side, the threats coming out of that country can also most likely be attributed to the infamy the rapper garnered from his high-profile racketeering case in which he became a federal informant and cooperated with the police to put his former gangmates behind bars. 6ix9ine has been regarded as a snitch ever since, and apparently, not just on the mainland.

It is unclear whether 6ix9ine will heed the police’s warning and stay away from Puerto Rico or if he will still touch down and perform on stage. The New York rapper’s life has basically been in danger since the moment he was freed from prison, as a legion of ops have been itching to get at him ever since he picked up his “rat” reputation.

While he was a lot more conscientious about his protection in the beginning with constant security detail, he has seemingly relaxed the security measures since. In March, three men attacked the rapper at an LA Fitness in South Florida. They have since been arrested for the assault that went viral online after an onlooker captured the whole thing.

6ix9ine is currently beefing with Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA and is reportedly dating his ex-girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral.