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Megan Thee Stallion Wants Kelsey Harris Texts With Tory Lanez In Label Fight

Megan Thee Stallion seek text messages between her former best friend Kelsey Harris and Tory Lanez as she pushes for a deposition in her ongoing legal battle with Carl Crawford's 1501 Certified Entertainment

Kelsey Harris Megan
Kelsey Harris | Megan Thee Stallion / IG

Megan Thee Stallion has asked the judge in her ongoing contract dispute case with Certified 1501 Entertainment to allow her ex-best friend Kelsey Harris and her baby father, who is also a 1501 executive, Darien Smith, to be subpoenaed to testify at trial.

Megan Thee Stallion is suing 1501 Entertainment over a contract dispute where she accuses her former label of not fulfilling their end of the bargain, and she is also suing for 1 million in damages for royalties and monies owing. The label, on the other hand, is disputing that Megan has completed her obligations and still owes them one more album under their eight (8) album deal while also denying wrongdoing or owing the rapper.

The case is ongoing, with Megan’s lawyers seeking the order to have Smith and Harris deposed over their relationship with Tory Lanez after Megan was shot by the rapper in 2020 in a bid to prove that 1501 Entertainment failed to act in good faith as her label.

According to Radar Online, a date for the trial has been set, August 7, and the rapper wants to call Harris and Smith as witnesses to the stand to prove that 1501 Entertainment colluded and supported Tory Lanez in a way to destroy her image in the public eye and even authorized a diss track by Harris aimed at Megan shortly after the shooting.

According to the publication, Megan’s lawyers are looking forward to a jury hearing how Smith, a top executive who has been seen in photos partying with the label’s owner Carl Crawford and Lanez, had “first-hand knowledge” of how the label was malicious and failed to uphold their side of the bargain.

Her filing team also said that the label has been non-cooperative despite discovery deadlines approaching.

“The Court should compel 1501 to comply with its discovery obligations, produce outstanding documents, and produce the deponents requested for depositions to ensure all outstanding discovery is completed by July 5, 2023. The clock is ticking. Pete is eager to obtain closure; this action has been pending long enough,” part of the filing read.

In the meantime, it seems that Harris is disputing that the allegations are true, writing in a comment, “False Accusations once again.”

Despite her denial, Harris did release a diss track after the shooting after she and Megan fell out, reportedly after the rapper accused Harris of taking a payoff from Lanez to keep quiet.

A verse in her diss track read, “should’ve knew I couldn’t trust her, if I was the one with the gun you would’ve heard about a murder.”