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Joe Budden Joins Rick Ross In Calling Out DJ Envy For Real Estate Scam Allegations

Joe Budden wasted no time slamming DJ Envy over allegations of real estate fraud

Joe Budden DJ Envy
Joe Budden, DJ Envy

Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy seems to be picking up a lot of enemies in recent weeks, as Joe Budden is the latest to blast him over allegations that he and a business partner profited from a real estate scam. This comes days after Rick Ross also called out the radio host over similar allegations.

On Thursday, Joe Budden revealed that DJ Envy’s real estate business partner, Cesar Piña, popularly known as ‘Flipping NJ’, had scammed clients in his business dealings.

There are reports that several persons have come out and alleged that Flipping NJ caused them to lose large sums of money- some in the millions and others hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It seems that Budden feels that real consequences should flow on Cesar and Envy as he played Kanye West’s verse on “Jail” – “Guess who is going to jail tonight,” and added that the entire thing was fishy.

“Please, you knew something was fishy,” Budden said.

He added, “That little fat n***a ain’t been around in about a year and a half. Envy ain’t stood next to that n***a in about 18 months. We ain’t seen a course, we ain’t seen an advertisement, a commercial — these n****s know when the heat is on the way. Knock it off.”

Joe Budden and Envy appear to be at odds after Envy’s critique that his co-host Charlamagne Tha God and not Budden was deserving of the Complex Hip Hop Media Ranking winner.

The podcast host also blasted Envy for reportedly carrying on PR beef with Gunplay and Rick Ross to detract from the firearm storm caused by the real estate scamming allegations.

“All that Gunplay sh*t? Distraction. All that car show sh*t? Distraction. Produce that little fat f**k! Get him out of here! Where he at? You n****s been all around Hudson County, Essex County, every New Jersey county — get that little f**k to the front row and say, ‘Aye, Cesar — pizza, pizza — let’s get to it’” he said.

He continued that Cesar’s denial and claim that he doesn’t want to address the allegations sounded “scam-ish!”

He continued, “Come on, papa. Come on out. Envy, Charlamagne, I don’t need to hear none of that Gunplay sh*t, what else y’all got going on up there. Bring Cesar up there. I’ll tell you the guest we want to see. I’m tuning in! Enough of all that bringing the political parties, Dr. Umar — all that sh*t cool. Get Cesar up there, though. Can’t be too hard to find him.”

Budden also concluded that neither Cesar nor Envy was less likely to be innocent because of their ongoing practice of making false promises to people at their car show.

Piña’s link to DJ Envy started in 2018 when they hosted real estate seminars that offered business knowledge and experience to attendees. On Tuesday, Cesar shared that Envy had nothing to do with the accusations.

Rick Ross, who has been beefing with Envy, also shared a video of him denying involvement.

“I honestly don’t know that’s between them and whatever happened.” When pressed about his association with Cesar, he also denied that he instructed anyone to give Cesar money or give Cesar advice on what to do with the money.

He added that he always gave fans a caveat to do their research and homework before acting on information he shared about investments.