Chris Brown Clears Up Video of Him In Heated Argument At Lovers & Friends

Chris Brown speak out after a video of him in a heated argument surface following alleged Usher fight

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown stepped forward to share his side of the story after a video of him in a heated argument at last weekend’s Lovers and Friends Festival.

The R&B singer has had a rough past couple of days, starting with reports that he and Usher got into a fight at his birthday party in Las Vegas at a famous skate rink. Neither Chris Brown nor Usher have directly addressed the reports, but the “Confession” singer shared a video of himself with no visible bruises, which is contrary to what was reported.

Additionally, both Breezy and Usher performed at the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas without incident, except for the video in question, which Chris Brown says was a situation involving people coming onto the stage and security guards. The short clip shows Brown appearing to be yelling at someone as a group of men push and shove each other.

“Yall been geeked all weekend, y’all dragging it now. It was mad people backstage and security was trying to clear everyone off the stage,” Breezy wrote in a comment on Instagram. “People started pushing back.. I INTERVENED To let them know MY CHILD WAS BACK THERE. So y’all can keep ya narrative.”


In the meantime, TMZ reported that Chris Brown and Usher got into it because the “Loyal” singer was being extremely disrespectful towards Teyana Taylor, who was present at his birthday party. Sources say Breezy and Taylor fell out with each other some time ago. Sources say he attempted to talk to her at the skating rink, but she ignored him, and that’s when things got ugly. Brown asked Taylor to leave because it was his birthday party, but she seemingly further ignored him.

That’s when Usher stepped in and reportedly tried to calm Chris Brown down. They then went outside, and that’s when Brown and his crew allegedly jumped Usher behind some tour buses parked outside. There is no video footage available of the incident. However, there is a video showing Chris and Usher arguing with each other inside the rink. There are also other videos showing them having a good time.

Chris Brown has not addressed those reports, and Usher’s only reaction was a video selfie of himself shared on his Instagram Story showing he didn’t have a busted nose like what was reported in the media.

The two R&B singers have been friends for years and are even in talks to do a Verzuz together. If this is true, that Verzuz is now unlikely to happen.