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Boosie Badazz Calls Webbie’s Crop Top Photo A “Players Mistake”

Lil Boosie says Webbie's photo of him with his shirt up was a honest mistake

Boosie Badazz is not a fan of Webbie’s infamous crop top outfit but still thinks questions about his sexuality are unwarranted.

Lil Boosie and Webbie have had a rocky relationship over the years, where they left from being close friends and collaborators to beefing at one point. Still, that isn’t stopping the Baton Rouge native from defending his former friend from some recent backlash after sharing a photo of his fit where he seemingly lifts his shirt to showcase his “savage life” tattoo.

Speaking with VLAD, where he seems to be most comfortable expressing himself, Boosie called the photo a “players mistake” that happens all the time, but in more explicit terms.

“Players f*** up. Players f*** up all the time. I was pissed. He was showing his tattoo bro!” an obviously annoyed Boosie said before questioning why the photographer took the photo like that. “Webbie, bro. I had to turn my phone off. He just slipped, bro. He do that every concert. I don’t know why the f*ck they took the picture like that.”

In 2020, Boosie Badazz blasted Webbie, calling him a liar for saying that he took care of Boosie’s family while he was serving time in prison. The “Wipe Me Down” rapper says his former collaborator never put any money on his books and never took care of his mother, Ms. Connie like he said he did despite hosting concerts in his name.

Perhaps they are on better terms now because Boosie wasted no time defending Webbie’s honor, although he admitted that he didn’t like the photo.

In the meantime, Boosie has declared he remains cancer free but shared that he was feeling down after learning that his doctor passed away last year. It appears he had no idea his surgeon, who helped save his life after his 2015 cancer diagnosis, had died in 2022. He was informed of Dr. Wood’s passing during his recent annual cancer screening. It was a bittersweet moment for the rapper as he celebrated being cancer free.

As for Webbie, he has not responded to fans trolling him and has kept the photo on his social media accounts.