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Trey Songz 10 Charges Dropped After Pleading Guilty In Bowling Alley Attack

Trey Songz pleads guilty to bowling alley beat down in New York City, his attorney confirms

Trey Songz

Trey Songz has pleaded guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct stemming from the Bowling Alley beatdown that reportedly took place last year in New York.

According to TMZ, the embattled R&B artist can breathe a sigh of relief after police dropped 10 charges against him this week. According to TMZ, the rapper is escaping serious jail time after he pleaded guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct in relation to the incident.

Trey Songz had turned himself in to the NYPD after he was accused of beating the brakes off of a woman in a bathroom at the NY bowling alley. Police said the woman suffered extensive injuries and had to be hospitalized. A man was also beaten by the artist and was reportedly struck in the face and eye region, police had said.

On Wednesday, the celebrity news site said that the artist was able to negotiate his guilty plea, which means that he won’t be facing the original 10 charges for assault and aggravated harassment and related charges.

Trey Songz has been sentenced by a judge to complete 12 anger management classes by August, and according to reports, he has begun the classes, his attorney Mitchell Schuster said.

The lawyer also expressed gratitude to the authorities for investigating the incident and choosing not to charge the artist on the original charges.

“We appreciate the New York law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office for their comprehensive investigation and careful consideration of all evidence, which ultimately confirmed what we had known all along and resulted in the District Attorney’s office choosing not to pursue any of the original charges against our client,” the attorney said.

Songz’s legal woes have been many, as several women have accused him of rape, including former WNBA star Dylan Hernandez.

The rapper was also sued by a woman who claims he anally raped her at a party in Los Angeles back in 2016. The woman was suing for $29 million in damages, but her matter failed to proceed because the statute of limitation time for filing for a claim had passed.