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Tory Lanez Drops New Song From Behind Bars, Accuses D.A. Of DNA Manipulation

Tory Lanez airs out his haters on his new song "Ginobili" released from jail and accuses the D.A. of manipulating DNA evidence

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez released a surprise song “Ginobili” from behind bars taking a dig at his critics. The track is featured The Verse and homage former San Antonio Spurs baller Manu Ginobili.

The Canadian singer/rapper took direct shots at his fellow artists who doubted his innocence during his December trial in his Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting case. “All of you n***as that sh*tted on me, I promise you’ll reap what you sow,” he raps. Fans are speculating if Lanez recorded the song while behind bars or prior to his incarceration, but it’s quite clear that he is calling out his critics.

Tory Lanez accused D.A. of manipulating DNA test

Tory Lanez is pleading with Los Angeles Superior Court County judge David Herriford to free him and order a retrial when he next appears in court on May 8.

Tory Lanez, via his attorney Jose Baez, has gone on an extensive smear campaign that disparages and makes egregious claims against District Attorneys Kathy Ta, Alex Bott, and the Los Angeles Crime Lab personnel who oversaw his DNA testing.

The rapper’s attorney teased on Tuesday that he would be releasing information about the DNA test he did that would shake the table. Lanez, who is currently incarcerated, posted on his Instagram account a video of a cell phone supposedly of a recorded phone call from him in which he made allegations against the prosecutors.

“I’ve been incarcerated for almost half a year over a gun the D.As lied and said I shot. In 2021, they demanded I do a DNA test. I took that with no pushback, delay or question not only because I knew I never shot the gun but mainly because I was 100% positive, I never even touched this gun,” the rapper said.

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez said his trial depended heavily on DNA evidence, although it was the eyewitness testimony that said he was seen shooting a weapon and an apology call from jail that convinced the jury of his guilt.

The rapper, however, claimed that DA Kathy Ta and Alex Bott colluded with the L.A. crime lab DNA expert and “completely manipulated the DNA results and lied to the world, the media and most importantly my jury by stating that the DNA was inconclusive. That was an absolute lie. They went on further to say inconclusive means he cannot be excluded from the gun.”

Lanez is now being represented by Jose Baez, who previously defended Casey Anthony, who was charged with the murder of her daughter some years back.

He said his new lawyer has since hired an independent DNA expert to analyze the DNA evidence, and according to him, his DNA is “100% excluded from the gun,” by that expert.

He also slams the prosecutors and crime lab expert, who he said used “invalid and illegal tactics” which resulted in the DNA result being inconclusive, something he said couldn’t have been possible unless the three “stopped the testing before it’s finished or completed to its final result which would have and should have shown completely my full exclusion from the weapon.”

Tory Lanez insists that the prosecutors’ actions biased ‘his’ jury and violated his 14th amendment rights and due process.

The Canadian rapper returns to court on May 8, and he called on Judge Herriford to rule for him to be freed and have a retrial. The rapper has successfully used the last four months to stall his sentencing since his conviction in December 2022, as his attorney filed a motion for a retrial.

On his Instagram account, Lanez directed his message to LA County District Attorney George Gascón. Tory Lanez did not take the stand during his trial, and this is the second time he is speaking out since he was convicted.

Lanez faces up to 22 years behind bars.