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Drake, Diddy Produced and Appear In French Montana’s Documentary “For Khadija”

French Montana dropped the trailer for his upcoming documentary film "For Khadija" executive produced by Drake and Diddy

French Montana Drake
French Montana, Drake

French Montana released the promised trailer for his upcoming documentary, For Khadija.

The Moroccan rapper says the work is a look at the struggle and not just the glamorous side of the American dream. It also focuses on an immigrant’s plight while highlighting Montana’s rise to fame. Drake made an appearance in the trailer along with Fat Joe, Max B, and Diddy. The rappers all gave sit-down interviews for the documentary.

French Montana announced that the film was coming soon in the caption of an Instagram post earlier this year. The rapper was announced as the African-born artist with the most streams and subsequently took to social media to essentially say, “[thanks, documentary coming soon.]”

In a recent Interview on The Messenger, French told Ebro, “Well, this documentary just tells my immigrant story basically, and all the people that followed me from the day that I started till now. I feel like a lot of people know me, but a lot of people just know me by the music. A lot of people know me from me dating people.”

He continued, “It could be this, it could be that, but I want people to know me for the right reasons and I feel like this documentary just is more based on the struggle.”

“We was on welfare, to me getting shot, to me meeting Chinx, me meeting Max B. Max B be getting 75 years in jail. It’s the whole thing. It’s the whole enchilada. Me being almost blackballed after he went to jail. Me just going through all the obstacles.”

The caption of the promising trailer revealed that the show will premiere at a festival this summer. “Film to Premiere During Tribeca Film Festival on June 16th at Beacon Theater with Performances from French Montana, Triplets Ghetto Kids, and More,” it says.

The film titled For Khadija, after Montana’s mother, has a look at the artist’s background and his upbringing before he found fame.

Drake’s interview seems to have some interesting bits too. The rapper says, “It was him and his people against like whoever; this young untouchable mob boss from New York…”

Diddy, whose legal moniker is Sean Combs, and Drake (Aubrey Graham) are both Executive Producers of the documentary. Max B is also interviewed for the film, and French Montana was sure to thank him in that interview on The Messenger. “Shout out to Drake for helping me do it. Shout out to Puff. Shout out to Max B for letting them cameras come inside that maximum security prison and helping me document it.”

We’re getting shots of Max B in prison and a cameo of Rick Ross, where he is recorded saying, “Everything he got, man he earned it.”

For Khadija trailer comes after French Montana became the most streamed African-born artist. The exceptional accolade was announced in February of this year, and the filmmaker was sure to include a clip of that news announcement in the documentary.

A release date is coming soon, fans hope.