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Erica Mena Shares Safaree Voice Note Saying He Wants To Get Read Of His Kids

Erica Mena says she is exposing her baby daddy Safaree Samuels as she goes off following his appearance at Amara La Negra's twins birthday party

Safaree Samuels Erica
Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena

Erica Mena has gone on an extensive rant as she shared a voice note of Safaree wooing an unidentified female and telling her he wanted to link up, but first, he had to get his kids away from him.

Mena is pissed at Safaree after he gifted Amara La Negra’s twins Rolex watches for their first birthday while her kids had only balloons and a cake. Safaree was also spotted kissing the Love & Hip Hop Miami star after a waltz dance.

However, Mena might not be bothered by Safaree’s love life, but she appeared to have receipts from another woman who revealed that she and Safaree had been conversing, and he seemed to hint that his children were hindering his activities.

Erica shared the voice note with Safaree speaking.

“I got my kids that’s why I am here. Packing them up, trying to get them out of here, that’s why,” Safaree says while a child is heard saying ‘I love you’ in the background. “But mi understand mi G, u seet, a bare love, mi understand. Nah say a word tho… that nana (vagina) anuh regular something.”

Mena accused Safaree of not wanting to be around his two children, Safire, 3, and Legend, 1. “Imagine hardly being constant with your parenting time as it is. ‘Trying to get them out of here’ is what you been doing since I had them.”

She also shared a screenshot from another female where Safaree hints that he was in “torture” because he had to be away from the unnamed woman because he had to keep his kids.

“The most embarrassing thing is getting things like this from other females, which include videos of your kid crying while he’s claiming how it’s “torture” to be with his own kid… this man BEEN playing sick games with my kids since back in August of last year.”

Erica Mena also called out Safaree’s mother ‘Big Shirley’ for raising a “waste man.” Safaree has not responded to her latest posts.