Beenie Man Donates Easter Bun and Cheese To Elderly In His Community

Beenie Man put a smile on elderly residents in his community by donating HTB Easter Bun and Tastee cheese

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Beenie Man is the gift that is always giving back. The dancehall legend gifted Easter Bun and cheese, a Jamaican staple during the Easter holiday, to elderly residents in the community he grew up in, Waterhouse, in Kingston.

The initiative was launched by the dancehall star and his team through his Beenie Man Foundation. “As we reflect and celebrate Easter, let us remember who we are and extend grace and kindness to our friends, families, associates, supporters, and strangers,” the artist said. “Giving back with the [Beenie Man Foundation].”

Beenie Man shared a few videos of members of his teaming in the community giving the elderly and most vulnerable residents a smile on their faces. The deejay gifted HTB Easter Bun and Tastee cheese. “Beenie Man foundation has always sought to celebrate the core of our Jamaican culture, ‘once there’s Easter yuh affi have yuh bun and cheese,'” he wrote while sharing a video of his girlfriend Camille Lee gifting an elderly man his own bun and a can of cheese, and another female gifting a man in a wheelchair his own bun and cheese.

In March this year, Beenie revealed that he is funding the rebuilding of houses destroyed by fire last year in the Kingston community, Standpipe. The fire destroyed at least eight homes, leaving at least three families homeless, including some 20 children. The incident moved the “Girl Dem Suga” deejay to use his own funds to help rebuild the houses. He received a lot of praise from dancehall fans and members of the community for the initiative.

Urban Islandz reported last month that Beenie Man signed a new management deal with Ciga Records, headed by Shawn Baptiste, who now assumed full management of the artist’s career. His new management’s first major move is to work to restore his US visa, potentially paving the way for him to perform at events in the United States, the world’s most lucrative music market.

In the meantime, Beenie is still working on his upcoming album, Simma, which was due last year but saw production delays. The artist says the project is still in the works.