Beenie Man Rebuilding Burnt Down Houses For Kingston Residents

Beenie Man assisting some Kingston residence who were made homeless by a fire

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Beenie Man is assisting the set of families who were rendered homeless in the Kingston community, Standpipe, last month. There are reports that eight houses that three families, including 20 children, called home were destroyed, along with three nearby businesses.

Beenie Man shared on Wednesday that he was touched by the misfortune that befell the residents and children, and so he is now assisting with the reconstruction of their homes. “The people dem house bun down round ah Standpipe so we assist them with some material so them can build back,” the artist shared.

The artist’s Beenie Man Foundation has stepped up to provide blocks and construction material as he updated his fans and followers about the works. A video shared on his account showed the artist meeting with construction workers.

“Work ah gwan, you seet? Fire damage make the whole place bun down, whole ah yah so flat,” Beenie Man said as he waved at a property next to him.

The artist showed a truck pulling up with hundreds of blocks while several workmen got busy offloading the truck while a mason busily worked to lay the blocks with cement. Piles of steel were also laid nearby while Beenie Man was also seen surveying the works being done.

“Grateful to be able to assist the people. Big up to the @beeniemanfdnja for always lending a helping hand to those in need. #EachOneHelpOne,” Beenie Man captioned the video.

Many of Beenie Man’s followers shared messages of approval for the generosity of the artist. “Nation builder hand in hand,” Bounty Killer co-signed Beenie’s move. “The best feeling in the world, is when you’re willing & able to help others,” another fan said.

“More blessings mosses Davis. if everyone can come together like this Jamaica would be a better place,” another fan wrote.

Beenie Man is also planning a lot more charitable initiatives through his nonprofit organization, some of which the dancehall legend will highlight in the coming months. Among them is a planned back-to-school initiative for kids in his native Waterhouse.

Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, is one of the most successful artists in the history of dancehall and Jamaican music. The former child star has been active in music for over three decades and is widely regarded as the King of Dancehall.

Beenie has some new singles out now, including “Sail Out,” “Enjoy,” “Fresh,” and “Vibe” with G Whizz.