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50 Cent Surprised After His 10-Y-O Son Sent Him $10K Apple Cash Request

50 Cent reacts to his 10-year-old son Sire Jackson sending him a Apple Cash request for $10,000

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent might be worth around $50 million, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t flinch when he suddenly received a $10,000 Apple Cash request from his 10-year-old son Sire Jackson.

The G-Unit honcho shared a screenshot of the message he received on his iPhone over the weekend from his son Sire, who knows how wealthy his father is even at age 10. “I just got this from my son SIRE, [side eyes emoji],” the rapper turn TV mogul wrote. “He is 10 years old I hope this is a joke.”

50 Cent didn’t say whether or not he sent the money requested, but one thing he has never been shy about is his love for his son, whom he shared with model Daphne Joy. Some fans are wondering how a 10-year-old figures that key Apple iOS feature, but let’s not forget that kids these days are highly tech-savvy, even much more than their parents.

Perhaps he even picked up a thing or two from his father, who has been a hustler since he was a young age. It would be unlike him not to pass down his skills for making money to his children. Even at the age of 10, Sire is making more money than the vast majority of the population. His first modeling contract landed him a hefty $700,000 payday from when he was a mere toddler.

Sire also already has a foot into the entertainment industry with his first movie role. Last year August, 50 Cent announced that his son landed a role in an upcoming horror flick called Skill House. The rapper also shared a clip of his son taking cues from the film’s director, Josh Stolberg.

Sire is also a scholar at a young age. Last September, 50 Cent also took to Instagram to highlight his son getting an award for student of the month at his school for Language Arts. “My boy getting student of the month,” Fif write while beaming with pride.

Although 50 Cent has a great relationship with his youngest son, his eldest, Marques Jackson, recently revealed they have a strained relationship and are not on speaking terms. Fif shares Marques, 26, with his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. Marques recently stated that he wants to mend fences with his father and is willing to sit down and have a conversation with him to make things right. 50 Cent responded to his request saying that he was being disingenuous in using the situation to gain attention.

“If you’re up for it, I’m up for it. I’m definitely willing to sit down with him so I can hear his perspective and gain a little bit of understanding. We’re both men at the end of the day – we should be able to agree and disagree and it not be a problem,” Marquise said.