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Lil Durk and India Royale Rekindles Relationship, Listens Beyonce On Live

Lil Durk and India Royale are back together months after their breakup

India Lil Durk
India Royale & Lil Durk

Lil Durk’s persistence in not giving up on love appears to be paying off as his lady love, India Royale, has come home.

The rapper has been pining away for months over India, who reportedly broke up with him last year. The entrepreneur spent the holidays alone, and she also recently spent her birthday turning up in an exotic country abroad. Despite Lil Durk’s cajoling and India rebuffing him, the rapper appears to be making headway with winning over India.

Fans believe that the Chicago rapper is back with India Royale after she appeared on his Instagram Live and the two were flirting. On his Live stream, the rapper was listening to soft romantic music and blushed as he looked at someone off camera. At one point, Indian placed her fingers in the rapper’s mouth, and he blushed. Later he was also listening to Beyonce and sang along, “Tonight it’s going down,” as he smiled.

Fans on the Live video also commented that they recognized the hand in the Live, while others told Durk to make India shake her booty as she did on her recent birthday trip.

Lil Durk & India Royale

During the earlier parts of the Live video, Lil Durk did not confirm or deny that it was India despite a barrage of questions from fans, but the rapper was all smiles as he drew India’s hand to touch his face and he kissed her hand. In one part of the video, he, however, says, “No, this not India,” with a straight face, but he looks over at the person off-camera and bursts into a smile.

Late last year, India announced that she was a “free agent,” causing fans to speculate that she and Durk had broken up. The couple was also not seen together for months. Durk also appeared distressed by the break-up and posted several cryptic messages that hinted that he made mistakes but was ready to do whatever it took to win back India.

Lil Durk and India Royale share a daughter, Willow, but he has children from previous relationships.

On the musical front, Lil Durk is getting ready to release his new album. He shared several messages over the past few days alerting fans that he is about to drop. During his performance at J. Cole’s 2023 Dreamville Festival last weekend, Smurk hinted that he was in the studio with the North Carolina native.