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Rihanna Shares Her Pregnancy Crave Midnight Snack

Rihanna shares her go to food to eat in the middle of the night when her pregnancy crave kicks in


Rihanna inadvertently gave fans a bump update on Tuesday after she shared that she was experiencing food cravings and had to grab her favorite pasta dishes in the drive-through.

Rihanna has long shared her love for pasta, and that has not changed during her second pregnancy as she showed fans that she enjoyed some ravioli pasta with sauce, cheese, and some gnocchi.

Rihanna is currently pregnant with her second child with her partner, A$AP Rocky. She announced her pregnancy last month at the Super Bowl, and she has continued to show off her baby bump growing in various stages. If there is, anyone who will bring some realness to it all is Rihanna, who bared her stomach while enjoying her small plates of food.

“Drive-thru,” the “Umbrella” artist captioned one of the photos showing a neatly folded napkin alongside the spaghetti. The second plate featured gnocchi (dumplings) and ravioli with a sauce.

Rihanna dinner
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The caption on the gnocchi was the mother feeding baby emoji clearly pointing out that the baby was driving her cravings. Rihanna also took the photo in the car, which is unusual seeing someone eat with plate, fork, and cloth napkins in a car, so maybe she couldn’t wait to satisfy her cravings.

According to People, the food was prepared by the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi which is a favorite restaurant of the artist.

Rihanna has been very open about her experience with pregnancy. Last year, she shared that one of her biggest pregnancy cravings was chocolate and tangerines sprinkled with a bit of salt.

Savory cravings aren’t new for the singer, who was spotted during her first pregnancy eating a ripe mango and dipping it in the salty Caribbean Sea water in Barbados. Rihanna sparked a whole new trend after she was seen on a beach in Barbados snacking on a mango she dipped in the salty seawater.