Valiant Shuts Down Vybz Kartel Song For Mentioning Popcaan

Valiant quickly shuts down a Vybz Kartel song being played where he mentioned Popcaan

Popcaan Valiant
Popcaan, Valiant

Valiant is letting his feelings be known after expressing his disdain for Popcaan while on Instagram Live earlier this week.

The “Rasta” deejay appeared to be vibing with his friends in his car, and was online interacting with fans with music playing in the background. Vybz Kartel’s song “Mobay Anthem” came on when Kartel shouted out Popcaan in the the track’s into. Valiant immediately commands the person controlling the music off-camera to turn off the music.

“You know the style already we have the collab wid me and Vybz Kartel ready up,” Valiant said before the song came on. “Play the right song weh the blood? Eh bwoy tun off that wid da name deh inna it, turn off that, hey hey,” Valiant yelled at another person in the vehicle.

It’s unclear why the two artists are at odds and the reason behind it, but months ago, before Valiant blew up as an artist, Popcaan seemed to have given him the opportunity to perform in front of his unruly fans. However, something that Popcaan said offended fans of Valiant. In a video of the two artists on stage, Popcaan asks the crowd if they like Valiant right after he performs one of his earlier tracks. Without more, Popcaan says, “no dem nuh like you”, something the “Dunce Cheque” artist’s fans felt was a diss.

All seemed well despite that incident as shortly after, Popcaan and Valiant were seen together in an interview on the entertainment show, OnStage, where Popcaan introduced Valiant, who also sang Popcaan’s praises for opening doors for him.

However, while on the Let’s Be Honest Podcast with JaiiFrais three weeks ago, Valiant was asked about him being mentored by Popcaan, but while he didn’t name-drop Popcaan, he seemingly spoke about enduring disrespect from the OVO artist.

“Mi and di dawg dem a flick from before Popcaan time, when dem a style mi inna di road and nah gimmi nuh fahwud,” Valiant said. The artist explained that that led to him breaking off from the Unruly Camp and going on to form his own music group, Diplomats.

After his comments, Popcaan appeared to react to the comments by resharing a fan post that read, “tap eh f**ry nuff artist the unruly boss gi strength. Simple things a the blessing memba good nuh man.”

Popcaan reposted the fan Story with the hand emoji similar to his unruly sign. Poppy deejay has not responded to Valiant’s latest diss, but knowing Poppy, he will clap back at some point. The Unruly Boss is also getting ready to embark on his Great Is He European tour, so perhaps he doesn’t want any distraction as he preps to his the road.

In the meantime, both Valiant and Popcaan currently have impressive runs in dancehall. Val emergence on the scene late last year with “Dunce Cheque” created a wave that he is riding straight into 2013. At one point during the fall of last year, the young deejay had five songs in the top trending on YouTube, and since the start of this year, he has already released over a dozen new songs.