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Yung Miami Offers Pregnant Chrisean Rock Support, Blueface Pushes For Abortion

Yung Miami who announced she is newly single, offers Chrisean Rock some support amid fresh drama with Blueface over her pregnancy

Yung Miami, Chrisean Rock

Yung Miami is lifting up a fellow queen and has offered Zeus reality star Chrisean Rock words of comfort amid her break up with rapper Blueface and his public urgings that she should have an abortion.

It’s been super toxic in the past few days after Blueface had another meltdown in Dubai while Chrisean remained in the states, where she had a performance and was seen interacting with male fans. The “Thotiana” rapper has been disparaging Rock over the past two days, and on Tuesday, he even asked her to abort her last three months of pregnancy.

Blueface has been ranting on Twitter and even used his “loving” relationship with his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, whom he impregnated while with Rock, to shade and disrespect her. He based Rock’s behavior and alleged that she was still fighting and drinking alcohol while pregnant, and in the same breath, he praised the mother of his two children for her chaste lifestyle – being committed to him and his children although he has been dating other women, including Rock.

“This is what it’s supposed to look like when a women tells a man she’s pregnant,” he captioned the video, where he appears excited when he sees the positive pregnancy test. “Any other response or question you should abort the baby an treat the next n***a better for the sake of you him an the baby.”

An insecure Blueface has been angry at Rock after she exchanged numbers with rapper Lil Baby whom he accused of having ulterior motives for wanting to know Rock, and Rick Ross, who posed for an innocent picture with her at Super Bowl Sunday last month.

Blueface shared he has doubts about the baby’s paternity.

“No man should question the paternity of a child if they do 9x outta 10 the women hasn’t been valuing herself enough which makes them believe theirs a possibility it’s not theirs this is a wholesome beautiful moment that every righteous women deserves fr,” he wrote on Twitter.

He also insulted her over her missing tooth, which his baby mother had knocked out during a vicious fight while on his former reality Blue Girls Club.

Rock responded to Bluface writing, “I take you serious. You just hate me rn . I don’t need the next n***a I got my self.”

In another tweet, she said, “Ion regret anything about my self so honestly trynna put me down is a low blow coming from a man that know he loves me.”

Rock was later seen on a boat enjoying life on Monday, and this incensed Blueface to continue his rant on Tuesday, which coincidentally is also Rock’s birthday.

He even went further to say he would give her $100,000 and pay all the fees for her to have an abortion.

As for Rock, her positive attitude has not gone unnoticed as her fans and followers, including Yung Miami, commended her for getting to the point of leaving Blueface alone and going further with her life following the success of their reality show and her own music career.

“You’re beautiful & FULL OF LIFE,” Yung Miami wrote as she retweeted Rock’s last tweet, which read, “Don’t feel bad for me ima shake dis off fr. Plus I’m grown I did this to myself.”

In the meantime, it seems that Rock’s decision to remain single and stop taking disrespect from Blueface is just one of a few celebrities packing it up and calling it quits.

Yung Miami seemingly broke up with Diddy after he welcomed a secret baby with another woman in October (2022), and she appeared stunned when he announced the baby, Love Sean Combs, via his Twitter account.
This week, she announced, “I’m single, baby. What man you saw me with? I’m single. S-I-N-G-L-E, baby!”