Khago Denies Pulling Gun On Daughter, Shares Shocking Jail Condition

Dancehall artist Khago says he did not pull a gun on his daughter after recent arrest where she details terrible jail condition


Dancehall artiste, Khago has denied that he pointed his licensed firearm at his daughter and claimed that she is bipolar and lying about the incident.

The artist was charged with assault at common law and reportedly spent three days in jail after he allegedly pointed his licensed gun at his daughter during an argument over his girlfriend. In a video on his YouTube account, the artist denied the claims by his daughter and said that she had a mental breakdown before leaving his house the evening the incident allegedly happened.

In the video, Khago told his fans that his daughter was the one who made the report, and she also had a man come to his house to fight him.

“Ah first me ever go inna jail inna mi life Khagonians,” the artist said on the video. The deejay also said the jail was severely over crowded and unbearably cold.

“When mi say jail, first handcuff ever out on me when me say go a jail. Lock up… and anuh stranger send me a jail Khagonians, ah somebody who supposed to be me daughter send me go a jail, say me back gun pan dem,” the artist said.

“Mi see man come ah mi yard come war me and take up cut tool and a stone mi lick him wid and me have me gun inna me waist Khagonians,” he added.

The artist explained that he did not know about the child’s existence until she was six years old before his career took off in the mid-2010s, and despite his efforts to connect with the child, the mother and grandmother “ran him” away after picking another man as the father.

Khago / Urban Islandz

The artist said that this week was the third time in 22 years he had seen the alleged daughter.

“mi wife buy a ticket and say go out go look fi yuh daughter if ah yuh daughter,” he said when the girl was 14 years old.

The artist says that a DNA test was never done because the young woman never wanted to submit to a test as she wanted to “juice” him down and maintain two fathers and two families.

The artist says there have been many conflicts between him and the young woman from 2020 to now. Before the incident, he says that he was concerned for her mental health.

“Mi siddung an’ mi a seh ‘sh-t, mi daughter sick’ an’ she come right back dung to zero. She nah disrespect mi still enuh, she nah disrespect mi. I won’t lie pon har; she not disrespecting mi. An’ she come right back dung to zero den she seh, ‘dad, I’m sorry. Mi bipolar.’ If a nuh bipolar, a one a di next one she use,” he said.

The artist decried the version of reports by the police, noting that he entered a room with her son and his son and placed his firearm in a safe. The woman didn’t appear well as she began to curse about a woman entering the room where her son and Kago’s son lay sleeping.

“She seh ‘daddy, I am sorry’ an’ mi daughter seh she sorry mi seh wow, maybe dat a di sickness weh she did deh a hospital fa. She come right dung an’ apologise den she seh ‘dad, I have to go home’ an’ mi seh OK mi daughter an’ she tek up mi grandson an’ she come outside an’ mi spend wah two seconds inna the couch because mi shock. Den mi come outside, memba seh outside full a man an’ she start again. Bipolar,” the artist said.

The artist hinted that he visited his daughter days before at the hospital and gave her money to pay hospital bills, and she didn’t appear well. He was also worried about her statements which seemed to contradict each other.

The artist also said there were other conflicts between them regarding her lifestyle and breaching his house rules by moving her boyfriend in and even “showing her authority” with his farm workers.

As for the incident in question, the artist denied any previous issues despite FLA saying there was a previous report that he had pulled a gun on a relative.

The artist said his daughter claims that he pulled a gun to her face, and the police believed her.

“Di police style mi but mi understand. An’ mi run come back a mi house an’ mi come back and mi carry come give di police officer dem. Memba mi nuh know dis likkle girl. Everyone ah unuh pon dis mi know more dan how mi know di likkle girl. A lucky mi lucky God neva mek she drop asleep. She woulda seh mi rape har…” he said.

Khago said that this was the first time he had invited his daughter to his home because he had never raised her, and he didn’t even know if she was his child.