Elephant Man Tackles Violence Against Women In New Song ‘Mi Vex’

Elephant Man drops new protest anthem tackling violence against women in light of Donna Lee Donaldson and Slickianna's death

Elephant Man

Elephant Man is adding his voice to the ongoing dialogue calling for the ceasing of violence against women in the country.

There has been a recent spate of violence in the country among women, and while this is something that civil society has been crying out against for the longest while, the recent deaths of influencers Donna Lee Donaldson, whose body has not been found, and Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend has sent fresh shockwaves across the country as women continue to be killed reportedly by their male love interests.

On Sunday, Elephant Man added his voice to the movement as he used Vybz Kartel and his ex-baby mother as an example of how a relationship can end on amicable terms without harm coming to either party. The song “Mi Vex (Stop The Violence Against Women)” appears to sound like a remix of SZA’s “Kill Bill,” which was shared with a music video by the artist on his Instagram account.

“Stop the violence against [woman] (sic),” the artist wrote in one post.

He added in another, “fi all a di man dem weh love abuse woman dis a fi you stop the violence against woman.”

“Lowe the [woman] (sic) dem king,” Ele sings. “Dem been together longer than Kartel and Shorty, do a lotta things to make each other happy. She gi weh the p***y and him gi weh the c***y now him feel insure, now that immature,” the artist sings.

His cadence and flow on the beat mirror the popular song, but the message is clear as the artist urges, “Leave people gal pickney alone,” as he also deters men from searching phones and even going to “Back Road” (engaging prostitutes) if necessary.

He also shares his personal experience noting that if he gets cheated on, he would get ‘vex,’ but he wouldn’t ‘kill [his] girl’ for anything.

In the meantime, Elephant Man has been busy working on his upcoming EP, ‘Cool Reminder.’ The artist shared a previous that his project was “authentic Dancehall [to] take dem back to school”. He also shouted out Platinum-selling dancehall producer, Not Nice.