Lori Harvey Reacts To Damson Idris Awkward Red Carpet Appearance

Lori Harvey Damson Idris
Lori Harvey & Damson Idris / IG

Lori Harvey is reading the comments about her and beau Damson Idris‘ first red-carpet appearance, and she even took time out of her busy day to gather a critic who claimed they were “awkward” together.

The couple confirmed they were dating sometime last month as she welcomed her 26th birthday, and they have been spotted together quite a few times since. Harvey was a gleaming sight to behold on Thursday Wednesday night as she accompanied Damson Idris at the red carpet opening of the sixth and final season of FX’s Snowfall, where he plays the protagonist, Franklin.

The couple wore matching all-black outfits, and Harvey sported a very vintage wavy hairstyle. Damson Idris, on the other hand, was over the top happy as he looked at Lori with googly eyes, but the couple stood apart on the red carpet despite sharing moments on video from their Valentine’s Day where they were busy tonguing down each other.

The red-carpet moment went viral as many felt that there was no spark between the couple, and some even felt that the interaction seemed forced. On Twitter, a fan commented on the @IamLoriHarvey fan page, “No chemistry. Look how far apart they’re standing lol.”

Lori Harvey did respond to the comment as she called out the original poster for shaping a negative narrative.

“Or maybe I just had on body makeup and told him don’t stand too close to me because I didn’t want to get it on his suit lol,” Harvey said.

She added, “Y’all try to find a problem with everything.”

Lori Harvey is not the only one clapping back as Damson also responded to commenters telling him to “calm down” and not show how excited he is to be with Lori.

On his Instagram Story, he posted on Thursday morning, “Be thankful for today and always remember, there are a bunch of miserable people out there who want to take your good vibes away. Don’t let them.”