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Chris Brown & Ammika Harris Party On Valentine’s Day Listening Aidonia Music

Ammika Harris Chris Brown
Ammika Harris and Chris Brown

Chris Brown was really feeling Aidonia’s classic “Fi Di Jockey” while partying with Ammika Harris on Valentine’s Day.

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris, the mother of his son Aeko Brown were spotted out partying at a club on Wednesday night. This is one of the few rare occasions the couple has been spotted together since the year started and since Brown welcomed his first child, daughter Lovely Symphani with Diamond Brown in early 2022.

There have been rumors that the couple had broken up following the baby and even more unsavory rumors about Ammika creating fake pages to drag the father of her son.

On Wednesday, Brown and Harris were spotted sitting side by side at a club. She was seen wearing a pink sweater with her dark hair straightened while Brown appeared antsy in a black t0shirt, brown cap, and his neck iced out with jewelry.

Many fans online expressed concern for Brown as he didn’t appear to be at ease. “Why y’all got Chris posted up on here looking higher than a cooter brown,” one person wrote.

“He high as rent in downtown LA,” another joked.

Some fans also called out blogs for disrespecting the artist and the mother of her child. “It’s the language that we put under the post of Black people that we would never. Mind your f**king business. This man has gone through a lot, and does not deserve y’all in his business.”

Ammika Harris reportedly lives in Germany with her son, while Brown lives in Los Angeles. It appears that the two are in a long-distance relationship, but she might be slamming social media users after they accused her of creating fake accounts online to harass and spread false rumors about the singer.

Harris lives in Germany, and it’s unclear if she and Brown are still together as the R&B singer recently welcomed a baby girl with another woman.

Some fans put Harris on blast months ago after she was suspected of creating fake pages to drag Brown, whom she claimed did not make time to see his son in over a year.

Ammika Harris had, however, denied making fake pages, and Chris Brown has never publicly addressed his relationship with the mother of his child.