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India Royale Denies Lil Durk Fathering A Child The Reason For Breakup

Lil Durk and India Royale

India Royale is dismissing claims that rapper Lil Durk cheated on her and fathered a child with another woman during their relationship.

India Royale and Lil Durk have broken up and while neither has confirmed the reason for the breakup, many fans have bashed the Chicago rapper for being careless and cheating on her. The former couple were goals for many people as he supported her every move and venture including plugging her make-up business in interviews and rap lyrics while many men also rated India Royal as a “rider” following reports that she joined Durk in shooting back at armed intruders at their home.

The couple had also gotten engaged but months later rumours spread that she had broken up with him over cheating allegations. On Wednesday, India indicated that she didn’t want misinformation spread about Lil Durk as she denied he fathered a child after cheating.

“He did not have a baby on me,” the tweet began with a note of exasperation. “I wish y’all stop saying that,” she added.

The note On Valentine’s Day, Durk ensured that India knew she was the only girl for him in a sweet message that thanked her to helping him to become a “man”.

India was not warm to him at all as she wrote a message on Instagram Stories clearly directed at him to “let it go.” She also wrote a tweet that was directed to the message from Durk.

“People really do not respect boundaries at all. I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don’t respect my choices,” she wrote on Twitter.

Lil Durk also clapped back at her and denied that he was putting on a show to impress the world and noted that he doesn’t live for the Internet.

Late last year, India had signalled the break up after she declared on Twitter that she was “a free agent” and then proceeded to unfollow Durk.

Durk had also responded by writing a cryptic message on Instagram, “That [cat emoji], mines 4ever welcome to death row b*tch.”

The couple began dating in 2017 and they share daughter Willow born in 2018 (his sixth child and her second).