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Rubi Rose Exposes DDG Sliding In Her DM After Argument With Halle Bailey

Rubi DDG Halle
Rubi Rose | DDG | Halle Bailey

Rubi Rose has released messages DDG sent to her recently as she called out the rapper for being a hypocrite.

On Saturday, Rubi shared a cryptic tweet claiming that her ex had allegedly given her clothing to his new girl. Fans later deduced that the tweet might be directed at Halle Bailey as they dug up an old photo of Rubi in the same shirt. Rubi appeared to confirm that she was talking about DDG and Halle.

“Having a b*tch where my clothes is crazy lol,” she said in the first tweet. She also added another tweet, “I like Halle. DDG a weird tho fasho,” she added.

On Sunday, the two artists also exchanged posts insulting each other as Rubi exposed DDG for jumping into her Twitter DMs and trying to link up after he and Halle argued.

“[You] still in LA?” DDG asked Rubi from his verified account on Tuesday, February 7, the day speculations rose that he and Halle had broken up after he posted a tweet and deleted her photos from his Instagram account.

“Yeah,” Rubi responded.

Followed by a message from DDG asking, “wbu,” and Rubi said, “Getting ready, hbu?”

Rubi also called out DDG for trying to link up after the breakup rumors swirled. “[You] hitting me the day y’all argue is so [you] lol.” DDG added, “Lol [you] right, lemme go heal first.”

Rubi also fired off several tweets bashing DDG. “All boys are the same,” she wrote.

DDG also responded, “ik [I know] it looks bad but it ain’t what it seem stg [laughing emoji] that b*tch just evil.”

Rubi also responded to the Epic Records artist and even said DDG approached her before to cheat on Halle.

“[You] so f***ing sassy wtf lol,” Rubi clowned him. “He mad I wouldn’t go home with him after Caresha’s party.”


DDG also denied the accusation.

“Superrr [cap]. N—as is not pressed over you.”

DDG, who was live online, also reacted to the entire thing by shouting, “I hate this bi–h.”

In a follow-up tweet, DDG also seemed to hint that everything was fine with him and Halle.

“Everything good internally. This whole situation was foreshadowed. I know everybody want me to be the bad guy but I’m really not,” he said.

Rubi also shared a screen recording of the chat with DDG to clear speculations that the screenshots were real, but DDG implied she was lying, calling it “CGI.”

The two also exchanged messages accusing each other of being hung up on the other.

“Don’t believe nun she say. She been stuck on me for 2 years. She hurt,” DDG said.

“She’s weird and been trynna get back wit me every since I moved on. Hence she ain’t got another n***a since,” another tweet read.

He also announced that he and Halle ‘hashed’ out their situation.

“To start. Yo chin fat as hell. And secondly, Halle is fine. She knows what’s real. We been hashed this situation out days ago. Rubi just clout chasing,” another tweet read.

Rubi also threatened to release more receipts to back up her claim as she wrote that DDG would call her every time she began to talk to a new man and tell her things about them to turn her off.

In all of this, fans of Halle shared second-hand embarrassment for the Little Mermaid actress.

Halle Bailey has since reacted on Twitter telling her boyfriend not to feed into the lies. “the devil is working lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party stay blessed everyone,” she tweeted.