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Bandman Kevo Wants Back His $250K From Gunna For Feature Over Snitching Allegations

Bandman Kevo
Bandman Kevo

Bandman Kevo says he wants back his $250,000 from Gunna for a feature amid allegations of snitching.

Gunna has been under scrutiny since his release from jail in December last year after coping a plea deal in the ongoing YSL Rico case in Fulton County, Georgia. The “Pushin P” rapper was among around eight members of the YSL gang named in the indictment who copped a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Although others like Young Thug’s brother, Quantavious Grier, aka Unfoonk, and YSL’s co-founder Walter Murphy, also took plea deals, Gunna seemed to be the only one being labeled a snitch in hip hop circles. Some rappers like Meek Mill, Young Thug, Lil Baby, and others even went as far as to unfollowed him on social media, further fueling his fallout.

Bandman Kevo is the latest artist to add his voice to the conversation. In a tweet on Tuesday, Kevo says he paid Gunna for a feature prior to his arrest in May of last year on Rico charges. He now wants his money back because he does not want to be associated with a snitch, and he is willing to go to court for it.

“I paid gunna last year for a feature 250k,” Kevo tweeted. “And months later he got a caught case which put my feature and everything else got put on hold , just for him to get released and snitch. I can’t do a song with dude I need my bread back asap and if they cap im going big lawsuit.”

Gunna has not responded to Bandman Kevo’s tweet, but we suspect that he has been contacted for a refund. If this does go to court, it spells more legal troubles for the rapper who has been isolated from his peers. With widespread condemnation, perhaps it’s best to fork over the money and continue to lay low and make a grand return like Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In the meantime, Young Thug and several other YSL members are awaiting trial on racketeering charges. The court is now going through the lengthy process of jury selection, which could take several more weeks as both sides goes through hundreds of potential jurors to select about a dozen.