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Quavo and Offset Fight Backstage The Grammys Over Tribute To Takeoff

Offset (left), Quavo (right)

Quavo and Offset reportedly fought while backstage at the Grammys over a tribute to their late Migos band member and family member, Takeoff.

The Migos rappers have been at loggerheads for more than a year now, and their distance appears to have widened after the death of Takeoff last November.

According to TMZ, the rappers brawled backstage at the Grammys after Quavo was asked to share the stage with Offset for a tribute to Takeoff. Quavo was initially listed as a solo performer to pay tribute to Takeoff during the Grammy show’s “In Memoriam” segment, where he was to perform his song “Without You.”

The song was recorded and released last month by Quavo and spoke about his love for the late rapper, who is his nephew. Just before the “In Memoriam” segment was to begin, Grammy production officials approached both rappers to perform together.

However, Quavo was not in agreement, and he physically blocked Offset from being a part of the tribute. The rappers then got into an altercation, but there are multiple reports are claiming that Quavo is the aggressor.

Offset has not addressed the incident online, and very few details have been shared. The bad blood between the two remaining Migos rappers appears to stem from the split of Migos sometime last year and Takeoff’s death seem to only exacerbate the bitterness between them.

Takeoff and Quavo remained close after the Migos split, and Offset was shunned from the group while the two of them went on to launch a two-man group- Unc & Phew, where they released several singles and a project as a duo.

However, that venture was cut short when Takeoff was shot and killed on November 1 in Houston, Texas, while at a dice game allegedly hosted by J Prince Jr. after a fight broke out. Quavo has been accused of being one of the aggressors that led to the shooting.

Both Quavo and Offset appeared amicable at the funeral for Takeoff as they hugged and cried as the weight of the loss overcame them. The rappers have not been spotted together since.