Popcaan Wish Toni-Ann Singh Happy Birthday At UK Album Launch Party

Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh

Popcaan is ensuring that Toni-Ann Singh has the best birthday ever as the couple spends some quality time together with friends and family in London, United Kingdom, where she has accompanied him for his Great Is He album launch.

On Wednesday night, Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh’s chemistry was palpable as both individuals were on Instagram Live, where fans got to see their quirky and fun side. While on Toni-Ann’s Instagram Live, Popcaan revealed that he was blocked by Instagram from going live on his own Instagram account, so he “borrowed” Toni-Ann’s account to go live so he could wish her ‘Happy Birthday.’

“Dem nuh want me go live, them say me unruly,” he says while a playful Toni-Ann responds, “You gi too much trouble.”

Toni-Ann Singh also snuggles her face on the artist’s shoulders, and a very romantic Popcaan takes a piece of chocolate from her dessert and feeds it to Singh. The couple was out to dinner in London and were surrounded by a large group of friends and family.

“It’s love it’s life, it’s a breeze, you know what I am saying,” Popcaan said.

Toni-Ann Singh also shared gratitude for another year of life. “On my birthday I am happy to be surrounded by so much love, and support and hope and support and light and family and I just give God all the praise for so much to be grateful for,” she says.

She added, “I’m not a big birthday person if you know me so you have to know that like this is a good year. It’s the best. That is it,” she added.

Popcaan and Singh also break out into random singing as he tells her she wants him to climb up on his “Aboboyaa” (his song with Burna Boy) before he breaks out into a cuss word-laden sentence.

“Woah woah woah,” Toni-Ann says as he apologizes and says sorry, noting that he doesn’t want Toni-Ann to be blocked like him for cursing on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Toni-Ann also shared a beautiful message on Instagram dedicated to Popcaan.

“Andrae the GREAT. I didn’t plan to be sappy, but my heart is TOO full of joy To be loved and supported by this LEGEND gives me so much strength. I am beyond grateful to you for using your blessings to bless so many others (me). I don’t take this honor lightly. May God continue to bless you ABUNDANTLY @popcaanmusic. “Thank You” is an understatement. Mi Love Yuh @popcaanmusic,” Toni-Ann wrote.

Popcaan also responded, perhaps letting the cat out of the bag as he confirmed that Toni-Ann Singh would be recording solo music soon.

“Appreciate you Toss and you’re only getting greater, I am more than ready for your new music,” Popcaan said.

Meanwhile, Toni-Ann received love from many of her followers, including the likes of Bounty Killer, who wrote, “Adorable couple greatness.”