Skeng Is The Werewolf Of Your Nightmares In Creepy “Full Moon” Video

Skeng / YouTube

Skeng kicks off his musical campaign for 2023 with a cut for his new single “Full Moon.”

If you’re a fan of Skeng’s music, then you would know that he constantly pushes the boundaries of dark yet infectious dancehall music. “Full Moon” is no different as the deejay link up with famed Jamaican-born producer Rvssian. The AKA Ruppi-directed cut starts with two men holding torches leading the dancehall star into a dungeon where he seemingly underwent a transformation into a werewolf and was subsequently locked into a cage.

“Yeah we load up the extension clip (now)/ We gone math dis (aye bwoy)/ Coulda run inna di churchwe a knock this/ Target practice ova di pulpit/ Likkle more everything a reach transmit/ Which one a unuh wah dead fuss test mi,” deejay over a trippy beat produced by Rvssian.

Skeng previously worked with Rvssian on the singles “23” and “Switch,” released last year. The Rich Immigrant producer was also featured in Skeng’s video “Cheese.” The producer gifted the Spanish Town deejay a Rolex watch last year November at his Beast Of The Era EP launch party in Kingston. The dancehall hitmaker also received a special message from collaborator Nicki Minaj who is a huge fan of his music.

Skeng, whose real name is Kevon Douglas, was arguably the biggest dancehall artist for 2022. Not only did he dominate the local and online charts, but he also was everywhere performing for his fans and constantly dropping new music.