Skeng Gets Tribute From Nicki Minaj & Rolex From Rvssian At EP Launch Party

Nicki Minaj Skeng
Nicki Minaj, Skeng

Skeng’s EP launch party saw several artists turning out to support him, while some, like Nicki Minaj and Tommy Lee Sparta, sent messages of congratulations, others like Rvssian brought expensive gifts.

The EP launch was held on Thursday night (Nov 4) with much fanfare as producer Rvssian gifted the young artist a brand-new Rolex to celebrate their collaboration. Skeng appeared surprised as Rvssian brought out the luxury timepiece.

“Mi rate how ya gwan and like how ya do the work,” Rvssian said as he announced, “issa Rolex enuh.” and added that “yutes dem fi live.”

On the six-track EP, two songs are produced by the platinum-selling producer- “It’s True” featuring Shenseea and “Thug Life.” Tommy Lee Sparta, who is presently serving a three-year prison sentence for illegal possession of a firearm, also sent the young artist an encouraging message.

“Skeng big up yourself, I love your energy, I love how ya put in the work bro, respect in all aspect, gwan put out the work, you done know you know the sky is the limit,” Tommy Lee says in an audio played by the artist over loudspeakers for his fans to hear.

Skeng Rvssian
Skeng & Rvssian

“Keep focus, don’t think too much and just be yourself, God bless you, bro, be smooth, be evil we name, dark we dark a one part, a di maddest life,” Tommy Lee Sparta ended the message.

Nicki Minaj also sent a message encouraging fans to enjoy the “piece of art” Skeng was giving them.

“Wish I could b e there to celebrate with y’all but I would be there very very soon but in the meantime turn the f**k up,” the artist said in a VN.

At the event, Skeng also previewed the track “Eediattt Idiot” featuring Jigsta, produced by Droptop Records, and “Demons Awake.”

Among those who were at the event were Munga Honorable, Macka Diamond, and other young artists who turned up to perform for the crowd and support Skeng.

The “Likkle Miss” artist announced the EP earlier this week. The project was strictly solo except for the Shenseea feature. Several noteworthy producers in the genre are also named on the tracks, including “Demons Awake” by Skeng’s longtime collaborator and label Di Truth which produced his hit track “Likkle Miss,” which was remixed by Nicki Minaj, and John Coop Records- “New Era” and “Highway.”

On Friday afternoon, the EP climbed to the top of the iTunes Reggae Chart at No. 1.