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Bobby Shmurda Seemingly Jabs At Gunna Over Plea Deal In New Song

Bobby Shmurda Gunna
Bobby Shmurda, Gunna

Bobby Shmurda is calling out Gunna and calls him a “snitch” and a “rat” for taking a plea deal in the ongoing YSL RICO trial.

Many hip-hop fans have been watching the YSL trial with bated breaths, and some were shocked when it was announced that Gunna had taken a plea deal to get out of jail and avoid trial. The “Pushin P” rapper had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate Georgia’s racketeering act just before the Christmas holidays, and he received a suspended sentence with conditions that include probation and community service in exchange for possibly taking the stand and testifying against his friend and mentor Young Thug.

Many in hip-hop felt that Gunna, who was the first of eight people to take a deal, was not loyal to Young Thug, and he had even committed one of the gravest street code violations- snitching. While the rapper has denied that he has ‘snitched’ or planned to snitch on Young Thug since he wouldn’t testify or he’ll take the fifth, many continue to ridicule Gunna.

Among them is Bobby Shmurda, who spent almost seven years behind bars after pleading guilty in a RICO trial in 2014. On Thursday, Bobby had some harsh words for Gunna in a new song called “Rat N***gas.”

“How you snitching on one of your friends/ Took a plea deal left the streets real but left the dog in that pen, n***a/ That pain don’t ever end/ But that payback in that courtroom keep playing back in his head, n***ga/ What all y’all n****s yeah yeah yeah Snitch,” Shmurda raps.

The song received mixed views from some fans who criticized the delivery, while others felt that the rapper had earned his stripes for speaking on snitches in hip hop.

Bobby Shmurda is familiar with how RICO charges work. He was one of 15 defendants in a RICO case in New York in 2014 and eventually pleaded guilty to several counts that saw him going to jail for several crimes.

The rapper was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and drug and gun possession, while his brother Javese and thirteen others from his record label Rowdy Rebel was charged with murder and attempted murder.

Prosecutors alleged that Bobby’s label GS9 was a gang, and its members had committed murder and shootings before he became a rapper. The rapper avoided trial by pleading guilty and was sentenced.

Since Gunna’s plea deal, he has been very vocal as he called out the current crop of rappers for copping deals instead of standing ten toes down against any charges.