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Fat Joe Ditch The Yeezy, Pushing P With Rare $4 Million Iced Out Watch

Fat Joe
Fat Joe

Fat Joe may have just redeemed himself after showing off his new 4 million dollar watch, days after he was dragged for stepping out in some questionable YEEZY NSTLD boots.

The New York rapper has been hitting back at his critics who questioned his drip game on the basis of his age. The 51-year-old hopped onto an Instagram LIVE session where he spoke to Brian “B.Dot” Miller about his decision to remain ‘fly’ even if B.Dot still disagreed on his choice of footwear.

“I don’t know if you know this, I’ve been so fly that it’s, like, working against me now. I’m getting backlash for being so fly … I wanna know why I can’t be fresh. Those Yeezy boots are sold out,” Joey shared without a doubt about his fashion choices. A tan Balenciaga jacket, a pink Celine hoodie, and a pair of medium-wash denim had completed the rapper’s look on that faithful day.

During the LIVE session, B.Dot trolled Fat Joe while hinting that the addition of the Yeezy was a mistake and a pair of Timberland’s would have served the look a little better. The “All The Way Up” rapper made it known that investing in a pair of Yeezy meant more to him since he was putting his money back into black businesses.

The trash-talking between the two men continued with Fat Joe calling out fellow rappers, none of which he named personally, as he claims they have not updated their style.

“Fashion ain’t for everybody. Everybody just don’t get it,” Crack said. “You’re right: the 40 Below, Timberland, super fly. But that’s the comfortable, the norm … The [Yeezy] boot is good money. I’m telling you. I’m ready to sell this boot. I’m ready to make an NFT of this boot … The boot is here to stay.”

Along with defusing the memes created to undermine his sense of fashion, Joe is also showing that he has class and style when it comes to the watch and jewelry game. In 2021, Joe did the unthinkable when he purchased the PRISTINE by Pristine Jewelers.

The hefty-priced timepiece features beautiful emerald-cut diamonds of totally 97ct and retails for anywhere around $450,000.00. Joey has recently revealed that he has now upgraded his watch to the 4 million dollars piece titled ‘The Avalanche.’ Whether intentional or not, this must have been the perfect time to step his game up to show naysayers just how to fly he can be.

“The big boy came in, it’s called the Avalanche. Don’t do this to yourself guys 4 mill to the wrist,” boasting the watch’s safety feature, which includes 24 hours security.

“This is how I’m pushing P, Don’t do that to yourself man. You don’t want this type of smoke right here,” the rapper recommended while placing the watch on his wrist.

The short clip ended with Fat Joe sharing a word to all haters and critics. “Step Your Game Up.”