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Tory Lanez Case: Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Evidence Leaked

Kelsey Harris Megan
Kelsey Harris | Megan Thee Stallion / IG

Several pieces of evidence used by the prosecution in the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez trial have been shared online as it becomes public record and available for the public to review.

So far, there have been four pieces of evidence released- the audio of Tory Lanez’s jail call where he apologizes to the rapper and says he understands if she never speaks to him again and explains that what he did that night was caused by his severe state of drunkenness.

On Friday morning, there was also released the body cam footage from a police officer’s vest showing Megan being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The rapper is seen wearing a mask and sitting in a chair, with her feet appearing to be propped up while she is covered with a white sheet.

Megan Thee Stallion could be heard crying, weeping loudly for almost half a minute, and eventually, she cries softly before the footage on the camera cuts.

The video elicited many sympathetic reactions to Megan, who testified more than a week ago that Tory Lanez shot her after an argument while they left a party at Kylie Jenner’s house in July 2020. The rapper has had a tough two years with many fans of Lanez bashing her and accusing her of lying and making up lies that she was not shot but rather stepped on glass. The rapper later revealed that she had lied to protect Lanez, with whom she later revealed on the witness stand that she had a sexual relationship.

In the meantime, more of the damning evidence that led to Lanez being convicted by a unanimous jury was shared online. One is audio taken from a home surveillance video that contradicts Tory’s legal team’s claim that there was a fight over the gun, causing it to go off.

The audio taken from a Ring doorbell clearly sounds off five gunshots with pauses between each. The gun expert who testified for the prosecution says that the gun couldn’t have gone off accidentally as it required some amount of pressure or force. That is, the type of gun it was, required at least eight pounds of pressure to go off. In any case, if there was a fight over the gun, why would it be fired five times instead of once or twice?

Meanwhile, Kelsey’s 80-minute statement given to prosecutors in September was shared online. The statement by Kelsey came more than a year and a half since the shooting and was given at the last moment after Tory’s lawyers hinted his defense was that he didn’t shoot the gun, but Kelsey did.

In that statement, some blogs have skewed the audio to show that Kelsey is lying about what took place. In one part, she claims that Tory fired the gun then she said he fired the gun in the air in another.

Kelsey Harris
Kelsey Harris

In the statement, Kelsey says she began working as Megan’s assistant in 2018 until the incident in 2020. She said she met Tory in 2020 when she and Meg attended a Roc Nation brunch. Kelsey says she flirted with Tory Lanez, but they were not in a sexual relationship, as claimed by Tory’s legal team.

“This is one of those situations you know you flirt and Megan wanted me to I guess have an involvement with. I ended up catching the virus and I went back to Houston and stayed there (at Megan’s apartment) and I guess between that time Megan and Tory became close, I don’t know what the relationship was but they were with each other often,” Kelsey said.

As the night goes on, Kelsey says she lost consciousness due to her alcohol consumption, and later as all of them were intoxicated, Kelsey wanted to leave, but Megan did not want to go yet. Kelsey said she went to wait in Tory’s car with Jaquan Smith while EJ Johnson, who accompanied them, waited in his car. Megan and Tory are inside the house after Megan tells him to join.

Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Harris are in Tory’s car, ready to leave after Megan’s wig comes apart, but at some point, Tory tells his driver to take the girls home while he remains with Kylie.

Kelsey said that Megan forgot her LV slippers, and they turned around and went back to Kylie’s house. Megan goes in and grabs the slippers, and gets back in the car. Tory Lanez, this time, also goes in the car and sits behind the driver.

“They were in there arguing. Tory and Megan. What they were arguing about I don’t know,” Kelsey says.

“We’re leaving, we’re driving. Megan is laughing. Out of curiosity, I want to know what’s funny, and I ask what is going on. And that’s when Tory butts in and he’s like ‘yeah Megan, why don’t you tell your best friend what’s so funny? Why don’t you tell her how fake you are?’. I’m confused cause this is so random and Megan is like ‘Kelsey don’t listen to him he’s just trying to make you mad’” Kelsey said.

Kelsey says there was an argument between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, and they began to take jabs at each other’s careers.

“He was calling her b*tches and hoes and I stepped in and said you’re not gonna talk to my friend like that and he got offended and now me and him are arguing,” Kelsey said.

Tory Lanez then told her that he was a gangster from Canada and threatened to shoot her.

“He said my n***ga il shoot you. He reached like he was gonna grab something, he reached towards the middle console but he never pulled anything out,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey Harris said while on Sunset Boulevard, Megan asked the driver to pull over, and she came out of the car. Tory then follows her while Quan and her remain in the car. Tory and Megan sat at the bus stop and spoke, and after a few minutes, when they came in the car, they were calm.

She says that Tory Lanez then apologizes to her and says, “im sorry Kelsey you’re a real a$$ n***ga and I just had to tell you,” and then Megan and Tory began to argue again with both taking jabs at each other’s career.

By this time, the car stopped on Nichols Canyon Road where the shooting occurred.

“This time, Tory demands Quan to let us out – let these hoes out, let these b*tches out, Megan jumps out of the front seat and I open up my door which I’m behind Megan… we didn’t expect anything to happen next, we’re just getting out the vehicle. I get out of my side and no sooner do you know you start hearing gunshots. It was five gunshots. I look up at the second or third gunshots and you see Tory, he’s now in the front seat, I guess he must have jumped over…he’s leaning over, the door’s open and he’s leaning over the window- the front right where Megan was sitting,” Kelsey said.

“He was leaning over the front passenger door and he was shooting the gun,” Kelsey said as she said she was still behind the rear passenger door while Megan was walking.

“By the third or fourth shots, she’s facing us, what I would describe it like a ‘deer in headlights,’” she said, adding, “the way Tory was angling the gun, it was down, definitely in her direction- in the air- at the ground.”

Kelsey also said that she ran to Megan to defend Megan. She said she saw blood on Megan, and she assumed she got shot. Tory then comes around the vehicle, and she thinks he was going to attack them.

“He physically assaulted me. And Quan then comes and pick me up like a little doll and Quan said- Kelsey they do this all the time,” she said.

Kelsey said that Tory either hit her with a closed fist or was slapping her- “it was a physical altercation,” Kelsey said. Around the 26-28 mark, Kelsey expresses fear Tory would kill her.

Kelsey said that she wanted to cause a distraction, and she jumped into the car and caused it to jerk to stop Tory from further harming Megan. “he either got to me really quick and that’s when he pulled me by my hair, he pulled me really hard… I became afraid for my life when he pulled on my hair and my neck really hard, that’s when the necklace (found my police popped)”.

Quan tried to part Kelsey from Tory, but he held onto her.

There is a text message Kelsey sent to Megan the night at the hospital where she asked Megan whether she should get an x-ray since Tory punched her in the chest and dragged her hair, causing her pain. Kelsey’s testimony on the stand left much to be desired as she contradicted most of what she said in September, even saying prosecutors had pressured her, although her statement volunteered information throughout the 80-minute conversation.

In the meantime, there have been many calls online for Kelsey to be charged with perjury by many fans of Megan Thee Stallion fans who feel that Kelsey lied on the stand when she claimed she forgot what happened or pleaded the fifth at questions by prosecutors.

At the 31-33-minute mark, Kelsey breaks down when asked about Megan’s condition after she was shot. The statement takes a break, and Kelsey audibly cries while prosecutors comfort her.

Kelsey also said she tried to call Megan’s manager, Farris, but after not reaching him, she texted Megan’s bodyguard- “help, Tory shot Meg, 911.” And she sent a message to her mom to say help.

In her statement, Kelsey Harris also cried, stating that she was hurt emotionally, and she appeared to become emotional that her friendship with Megan fell apart after the shooting.

In the meantime, at the 38-minute mark, Kelsey says that Tory begs them not to say anything, and he also said he would give them $1 million each as he was getting ready to sign a major record deal.

A photo showing Kelsey Harris’ injuries on the night of the shooting also surfaced online.