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G Herbo Speak On Ari Fletcher Alleging Taina Williams Of Abusing Son Yosohn

Taina and G Herbo
Taina Williams and G Herbo

G Herbo got honest and open while on Caresha Please on Thursday. The Chicago rapper answered a series of questions posed by podcast host Yung Miami, including some that fans have been curious about.

Among the things, the “Shordie” rapper spoke about was the drama between the mother of his first son Ari Fletcher and his current fiancée Taina Williams. G Herbo was asked about the women’s relationship with each other and whether they get along, including some rumors that he cheated on Fletcher with Williams.

“Do your two baby mommas get along,” Yung Miami asks. “yes they cool, they cordial. They get along enough for me to co-parent and take care of my kids,” Herbo said.

One incident from earlier this year also came up with G Herbo explaining that he was torn after Fletcher alleged that Taina was being abusive to her son.

“Yeah, that hurt my feelings like. It hurt my feelings because it’s like I’m torn between the two. I gotta automatically side with my son and see what’s going on but I gotta side with my woman too because I know she would never do that,” G Herbo said.

The rapper also indirectly addressed the rumors that he had cheated on Ari Fletcher, noting that when he met Taina, he was a “single father.”

“Ari and Taina was having their differences earlier on because when we started getting serious I had to make sure she was good around my son, my first kid, I’m a single father, and I need help with the sh*t…I need someone that’s caring helping me,” he explained.

Earlier this year, Ari Fletcher shared that Taina Williams might have been mistreating her son Yohsohn after he showed distressing signs of being replaced in his father’s life. G Herbo now has a son Essex and a daughter Emmy with Taina.

However, all seems to be well now as the rapper shared that his co-parenting was going well and even shared that he doesn’t mind his son spending quality time with another man that Ari is seeing as he expects that any serious relationship will include his son.

In the meantime, Yung Miami also asked Herbo if he and Fletcher were still sleeping together, and she got a resounding “hell no,” from the Chicago rapper. The model and make-up entrepreneur is with rapper Moneybagg Yo.