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Yung Miami Beefing With Akademiks After Diddy’s Baby Mother Reveal To Be Dana Tran

Diddy Dana Tran
Diddy Dana Tran

The mother of Love Sean Diddy, the Bad Boy Records’ seventh child, has been revealed to be Dana Tran.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Diddy’s youngest baby, who was born in October, is shared with a 28-Year-Old Cyber Security Specialist, Dana Tran. Tran’s identity has been a secret until now.

On Saturday, Diddy confirmed the birth of a new child. Fans have been curious as to her identity as many wondered about the mother of the child, particularly as the women Diddy has been seen with and known to be romantically involved with were not known to be pregnant.

Diddy has been linked to 50 Cent’s baby mother, Daphne Joy, and they have been spotted on several dates, with Joy even confirming that she and Diddy were involved. He has also confirmed that he was dating City Girls rapper Yung Miami who has not only been publicly supportive of the rapper but has even hinted that she might want to have a child with the veteran label exec.

As for Tran, the baby’s birth certificate reveals that the youngest Combs family member- Love Sean Combs, was born October 15 in Newport Beach, California, and Diddy is named on the birth certificate as the father. Tran, who has social media accounts as Dana Tee, has disappeared from social media since news of the baby surfaced.

In the meantime, as news spread about the identity of the baby’s mother, many have taken to social media to troll Yung Miami who has been posted up with the “Gotta Move On” rapper. Among them was Akademiks, who called Miami a “side chick” and drew a sharp rebuke from the City Girls rapper.

“I’m nobody side b*tch lets just make this clear on this good monday! I don’t come 2nd to no b*tch!” she wrote on Twitter.

“Akademiks my name ain’t d*** so keep it out your mouth!!! You the type of N***a my uncle doing life sentences for B***h A** N****… You sit your fat scary a** in the house all day talking online come outside police a** booty boy,” other tweets blasted Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks also seemed to touch a nerve as he told Caresha that she was having a mental breakdown over the baby announcement and comparing Diddy to Nick Cannon and his throng of lovers and children.

“Yung Miami mad at me for pointing out the obvious.. u said u and that n****a go together real bad… that n***a had another baby wit another woman. u the side chick. dont get mad now. at least u get hella gifts. live ur life queen. Also u tell us ur business lol ofc we gon comment,” Akademiks wrote.

The City Girls rapper also responded to critics who were bashing her and Diddy.

“Diddy won’t even look half of y’all b*tches way! Majority off y’all praying upon a falling star b*tch plssssssss!!!!!!!” Yung Miami wrote.

In another tweet, she wrote, “I’m tryna figure out when was I mad or having a mental breakdown b*tch I’m in lala land with my feet up smelling my flowers. yall mad. You the one screaming at your screen calling me out my name ponk.”