Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh Lock Lips In “Next To Me” Video

Toni-Ann Singh Popcaan
Toni-Ann Singh and Popcaan / YouTube

Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh put their love on full display in the music video for their new collab, “Next To Me.”

There’s a lot more to Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh than meets the eye as the former Miss Jamaica World, and Miss Universe shows off her vocals in her debut track “Next To Me” alongside international dancehall artist Popcaan.

The song was released on Midnight on Tuesday night and signaled the couple’s first track together, although she previously appeared in a cameo on Burna Boy featuring Popcaan’s “Toni-Ann Singh,” named after her released months ago.

An accompanying video for the song has been released with a unique storyline which includes Popcaan and Singh being in a relationship forbidden by her family. The pair are rumored to be in a relationship, but there has not been any confirmation from either of them.

However, the chemistry between the couple is palpable as she is seen serenading the artist and, at one point, putting a little love bite on his shoulder and, at another, rubbing his chin as she comforts him. The pair were also seen sharing a tender kiss while at the river.

Popcaan Toni-Ann
Toni-Ann Singh and Popcaan / YouTube

“You make me wanna run, run, run/Heartbeat racin’ like a drum, drum, drum (Woah-yah)/Feel it in my soul (Hey)/Leave me wantin’ more (Babe)/You make me wanna run, run, run/Heartbeat racin’ like a drum, drum, drum/Don’t know where we’ll go/Don’t know where we’ll go,” Toni-Ann sings in the track.

In another verse, she shows off her vocal range, “Ah, oh/Met a few lifetimes ago/You were at your knee, I was clear, you/Make the world a place only we know, oh, oh/If it’s not love then tell me what’s this feelin’ you give me? (Tell me, baby, yeah)/If it’s not love then I’m beggin’ you, baby, to leave me (Leave me)/I should’ve never let it show (I should’ve never let it show)/Can see it in your eyes, you know/Can see it in your eyes, you know.”

On Instagram, Popcaan reacted to the release of the song where he shared several images taken from the video shoot showing him wrapping a scarf around Toni-Ann’s head. In another photo, Toni-Ann is definitely swooning at the OVO artist. Toni-Ann also shared the feeling loved emoji on a repost of Popcaan’s Story.

“Fi mi angel without the two wing,” she captioned a photo of herself and Popcaan sitting on the back of a bike.

The song is produced by talented dancehall producer Anju Blaxx while the music video was created by Nabil. On social media, fans reacted to the couple’s new song.

“The song bad yf she turn bad man inah love boy,” one of Popcaan’s fans said on Instagram. “Her voice is absolute magic,” another responded to a comment pointing out that Singh is talented, and for her talent, at the Miss World competition, she sang.

“From morning the song on repeat. I love the song and the chemistry in the video is so good,” another said.

“It’s really good. Finally some real music no guzu, obeah or dunce so refreshing,” another said.