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Drake Confirms ‘Her Loss’, ‘CLB’ and ‘Honestly Nevermind’ Are Trilogy Projects

Drake / @champagnepapi IG

Drake is taking storytelling to a new level as he confirms what some fans have suspected that his last three albums are a trilogy.

While speaking on 21 Savage’s newly launched show “Table For One” about their joint project, the artists discussed their recent joint album ‘Her Loss’ and the recent albums,

According to Drake, the albums are actually a three-part story that starts with everything full of love before moving into despair and hopelessness when the relationship doesn’t work out and then with healing and moving on with no regrets.

“The album is called ‘Her Loss’. We got Certified Lover Boy – that is like, ‘I’m trying my best to make love… I’m chasing you and then ‘Honestly Never Mind’ is the realization that maybe this lifestyle is not for me and ‘Her Loss’ is that, this is like no pigeons, you remember when they dropped no pigeons with no scrubs on?” Drake explained.

In the meantime, the conversation between Drake and 21 Savage also encompassed Savage sharing his gratitude for Drake as he explained that many artists wouldn’t work with someone like him so early in his career, but Drake has consistently given other artists features, which led to their careers blowing up.

“You one of the only artists that make it to a certain level that no matter what you, f**k with the culture f**k with. Even if a n***a got one song and it’s popping like you would still jump on it and embrace a n****a,” 21 Savage tells Drake.

“If you look at our greats, 90% of them n***as don’t do that, just keeping it real. A n***a not doing no project with 21 Savage,” he continued as he recalled the first time he and Drake collaborated when he only had one big song and music video.

In the meantime, Drake ranked ‘Her Loss’ as among the top 5 of his catalog, if not the top 3 of his albums over the course of his career.

The artists’ conversation also included them speaking about ‘Her Loss’ creation, with the artists sharing that they helped each other write their verses. ‘Her Loss’ is Drake’s third joint album over the course of his career. The album debuted with 404K units sold in its first week and has remained on the Billboard Top 10 chart since its release in early November.