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Rapper Future Aired Out By His Baby Mama On His 39th Birthday


Future might be getting older, but the rapper isn’t being celebrated by one of the mothers of his dozen children who labeled him as an “unsuccessful father” and someone who, at his big age, was unhappy and sad.

The rapper spent his birthday in misery as he was berated by one of the mothers of his children. The rapper, who recently changed his name from Nayvadius Wilburn to Nayvadius Cash, was insulted by Krystal, who allegedly shares a daughter with him.

It’s unclear why Krystal went off on the rapper, but her Instagram Stories began by calling him an “unsuccessful father.”

“When he told me someone who isn’t rich is not successful… I knew then he was burnt out,” she said in a second story. “This is coming from the same man who would call me and tell me how unhappy he was and how lost he is… And how he isn’t at peace… That only confirms that success is bigger than being rich.”

She continued to compare herself to the rapper by highlighting her own successful life and parenting.

“I’m successful in many areas in life. Successful mother, successful hustler, and I am at peace with who I am. No money in the world can buy inner peace and happiness. It feels good to have, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t fix a broken soul. Once you have everything money can buy, what is next? [You] don’t even have emotion to anything, so next step is to purify the soul.”

The woman continued to rant in another Insta-story where she reasoned that rich people were “numb” and to fill a void, they used sex and drugs to feel things as disclosed by Future and others.

“It can really destroy them. [Fame] can create a lot of mental damage. I know this from talking [privately] to a lot of famous individuals, including him. I rather money, not the fame,” she said.

The woman also later wished the rapper happy birthday after feigning ignorance that it was his birthday.

Krystal is the same woman who bashed the rapper months ago and claimed that she would engage in unconventional sex practices to please him.

“I know he miss me eating his ass, but we don’t need to be doing this bad term good term s### every few months! Toxic at a all time high,” she said on Instagram Story.

The woman also revealed that she was planning to take the “Life Is Good” artist to court for child support since he is being temperamental with his support for their daughter.