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Chris Brown Finally Clear Up “Under The Influence” Lyric Confusions

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Chris Brown stepped forward to clear up fans confusion over his lyric for one of his biggest songs, “Under The Influence.”

Chris Brown’s song “Under The Influence” has nothing to do with the cough medicine Robitussin, as some fans seem to think. Lyrics from the song went viral this week after some fans became aware of what the actual lyrics said.

The song “Under the Influence” was released three years ago but recently started trending after fans scrutinized the lyrics leading to it being No. 1 on the iTunes charts in early October. Earlier this month, “Under The Influence” became Breezy’s milestone 50th Top 10 entry on US Rhythmic Radio, and on Tuesday, the song stood at No. 8 on the Spotify Global chart with 3.1M streams yesterday.

Well, the song continues to trend and has formed many threads of discussion online as fans debate whether the lyrics are really “Fu**in’ Robitussin” or “Fu**ing, rubbing, touching.”

On Twitter, there is a lengthy discussion Q&A where Ricch asked, “So Chris Brown ain’t say Fu**ing robitussin? He said fu**ing, rubbing, touching?”

Chris Brown also cleared up the confusion as he let fans know he’s been watching the discussion.

“They been messing up lyrics lately on these music platforms … YALL BEEN HAVING A FIELD DAY WITH UNDER THE INFLUENCE,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

He added, “It’s fu**king Robitussin,” and “Your body light weight speaks to me.”

Fans were shocked at the singer’s clarification. In the meantime, the R&B singer released the official video “Under the Influence” three weeks ago, and the song already has 27 million views. The audio-only version had more than 104 million views.

In the meantime, the artist has also announced his next tour, named “Under the Influence,” beginning next February. Brown is also being celebrated online for his latest Grammy nominations, announced on Tuesday. The artist was nominated for Best R&B Album for his project Breezy.

Chris Brown previously won a Grammy for Best R&B album at the 54th Grammy awards in 2012.