Burna Boy Tells Stefflon Don ‘Move On’ After She Calls Him A ‘Mamma’s Boy’

Stefflon Don and Burna Boy

Burna Boy is not letting Stefflon Don play with his name and has told her to move on after she posted a Tik Tok video seemingly shading him and his mother, who is also his manager.

On Tik Tok, Stefflon is seen dancing with another woman, but the caption curiously reads, “when he’s a MAN and not a mummy’s boy. Stefflon and Burna Boy broke up sometime last year, but neither has shared the reason for the breakup, although it is widely speculated that he had cheated on her during the course of their relationship.

On Instagram Stories, fans also think that Burna Boy responded to Stefflon’s Tik Tok video. “Move On,” he wrote.

Back in September, the Britain-based dancehall artist had said that after her relationship ended with Burna Boy, she was not interested in dating any more artists.


Although her comments about Burna Boy sounded like she had no hard feelings towards the “Last Last” artist, many fans feel that her future dating preference is due to her trauma from dating Burna. However, Stefflon had revealed that she had no acrimony towards Burna Boy, as they had broken up about a year before it was officially announced. It doesn’t seem like they are on good terms either because many fans felt that Burna Boy’s song “Last Last” was directed at her.

When asked how she felt about the song, she said, “It is what it is,” to Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. “When I heard it, how did I feel? He said something in it and I was like ‘Boy that’s a lie’ whatever, it’s whatever,” she said.

In the meantime, many of Stefflon’s fans felt that her Tik Tok video was shading Burna and his mother, who manages him. A mummy’s boy is an insult that a man is not capable of operating on his own without the influence of his mother, which also affects his love affairs.

“Rest my love. Rest,” one person commented. “It’s obvious Steff still love Burna. Burna handled her well in all ramifications,” another said.

“This girl seriously need to leave odogwu alone, we accept he is a mummy boy, trust me so are every guy that they mom made what they are, unless they dont have a well loved mother, that moment u want him to get u the world and he will want to do it foolishly because of love mom will say no, then he is tagged mummy’s boy, u girls funny me to be honest, leave @burnaboy alone for once,get over it if you can’t swallow the pride ask him to take you back,” another said.

In the meantime, Stefflon Don has a new song out called “The One” for which she released an accompanied music video.