Dancehall Star Elephant Man Cosigns Nick Cannon Having A Dozen Kids

Cannon Elephant Man
Nick Cannon, Elephant Man

Elephant Man, who is himself a father to many children, gave Nick Cannon the thumbs up after the actor reveals he is expecting his 12th child.

Social media was recently set alight after entertainer Nick Cannon announced that his 12th child was on the way. That in itself should not have been such a big deal, but the popular public figure had not too long ago announced that he was expecting his 11th.

Also, his next two expected children are from two different women.

Numerous memes and comments circulated following the announcement, and almost all were in jest at the Wild’N Out host. One veteran dancehall deejay is not in agreement with the popular opinion and feels that Cannon should be allowed to have as many kids as he wants.

Elephant Man spoke to The Star recently and said that he sees absolutely nothing wrong with people having many children once they can meet their responsibilities. His opinion may be a bit biased, though, as he has at least a dozen children, maybe even closer to two dozens.

The Energy God added that neither he nor his partners have any problems ensuring that their children are well taken care of. He also said that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it seems that Nick and his partners are doing well, so maybe people should stay out of their business.

Elephant Man
Elephant Man

The “Party Banga” deejay used Bob Marley as an example of how fathering many children could be a positive thing. The iconic reggae singer fathered at least 11 children, and Elephant Man highlighted the fact that just about all of them were successful in one way or another.

For the “Willie Bounce” artist, Cannon’s approach to life could serve Jamaican people well, especially since the island’s Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, recently expressed concern about the declining birth rate.

“It change now because everybody pick and choose dem partner and people kinda skeptical who dem having babies with, and with kids yuh affi deh deh fi dem from changing nappies to the education and dem things deh,” he continued.

Elephant Man, born Oneal Bryan, also addressed the issue of violent lyrics in dancehall in another interview in light of the recent ban. He said that there is a need for dancehall to return to happier lyrics. The blame game going on between some dancehall artists and the government and vice versa also needs to stop, he added.

“So hear wah, mek wi put in some work and bring back some happy music to the thing weh people can dance and feel uplifted,” he said.

The Kingston native also opposed the current shadow being cast on the genre and the fact that it has been made to bear the brunt of the blame for violence in Jamaica. He argued that the same violence is often displayed on the silver screen.

He went on to say that it appears that since there is no immediate solution for the violence and crime, many have chosen to perhaps find a scapegoat.

The problem of violence has been going on long before dancehall became popularised, he continued.

“This a gwan before the music. Memba when wi a likkle youth, di ghetto youth dem used to watch the movie name Killer. The Killer was a Japan movie, an action movie, serial movie and every youth inna di ghetto a say ‘raaee’,” he said.

According to him, the solution is simple, bring back the happy lyrics that people can party to and forget their stress. His mission is to bring back some rhythms that will uplift the people and give them the energy to carry on even when times are tough.