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Safaree Says Kimbella Matos Relationship Ended Despite Love & Hip Hop Appearance

Kimbella Matos Safaree
Kimbella Matos, Safaree

Safaree says he is not in a relationship with Kimbella Matos, the woman who had a blow-up with his ex-wife Erica Mena shortly after the couple announced their divorce.

Kimbella Matos was spotted out with Safaree for his birthday last year while his wife gave birth to their son Legend. They were later linked together as dating after Erica Mena confirmed that the Instagram model was seeing Safaree.

Erica was not particularly pleased and had even had words with Kimbella over her decision to be with Safaree. On Thursday, Kimbella appeared on a clip of an upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where she and Safaree talked about his relationship with Erica, and Safaree also clarified that she is just his lady friend.

“You get your own bag, I like that. I like a woman who hustles and have ambition because all I do is work,” Safaree tells Kimbella as they are seen walking and holding hands and later kissing in public.

Erica & Safaree | @iamerica_mena

“You just make me very happy. I respect you and I respect your situation all the way. I would never come interfere and I feel like I don’t want no issues with anything because I really have nothing to do with that,” Kimbella says without mentioning Safaree’s issues with the mother of his two children.

Safaree, however, reassures Kimbella that his decision to agree to Erica’s divorce had nothing to do with the 26-year-old.

“You’re not the reason I got a divorce ok,” he says while she added, “and that’s what a lot of people think. People think and got this narrative of me that I caused your relationship to end.”

In a cutaway scene, a producer asks Safaree an important question about his relationship with Matos, “Erica knows about this girl…how do you think Erica will react when she sees you with Kimbella?” a producer asks Safaree.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Safaree says as he adds, “honestly this is just a stage of me and Kimbella getting to know each other. As far as how my ex would feel, that’s really not my problem.”

In the comments under the post, many people called Safaree out for claiming that Kimbella is not his girlfriend despite their homemade porn videos leaking on the internet.

“This was filmed 7 months ago stop tagging me,” Safaree urged.

Some comments also flamed Safaree for his comments and response.

“You brought her on the show and was gassing her up Jean vest! That’s so bad,” one person said.

“7 months so wasn’t you married still?” another asked.

“Why bring her on the show then,” another asked.

It’s unclear if Safaree and Kimbella are still together or finally together.