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Drake Gets Roasted After Sharing New Duck Lip Selfie In Nike Headband

Drake / @champagnepapi

There’s nothing quite like a Drake selfie upsetting the algorithm and channeling attention, albeit unwanted, at himself.

On Thursday night, Drake popped up with a carousel on Instagram as he updated fans about his life and even posted a cryptic message for someone (or maybe that’s what he wants fans to think) that sounded very much like lyrics. However, one of the photos, where he is serving looks in his all-Nike outfit, left the internet talking and laughing.

“Built the foundation, curved the temptation, deaded the speculation, all in hopes to hear you say congratulations but all i heard was more complaining,” the rapper captioned the photos, which showed him on stage during his recent Spelhouse homecoming performance.

There is one photo with Jack Harlow and Drake as he poses in his number six basketball shirt and another which has too much going on and has caused a commotion on the internet. In the picture, Drake has his hair pulled back in an updo, and it is held back by a blue Nike headband. He’s also wearing a Nike jersey with a white t-shirt under it.

The rapper’s expression is his usual pouty selfie but at a different angle. In the comments on the post, many of his fans reacted the same way they have reacted in the past despite Drake not changing his selfie style.

“bro need to stop posting selfies we’ll take the music,” one person said. “He been said he a lesbian idk why y’all surprised,” another post said. “Soo many men worried about how drake looks, sh*t is suspect,” another added.

However, some of Drake’s fans defended the rapper’s decision to post any kind of selfie or photo he chooses.

“A billionaire posts a selfie on the gram and your broke is wilding out on Twitter set your priorities straight my guy,” one fan wrote.

“If your famous you cant do sh*t wit out people clowning, getting mad, or just cancel you all together,” a second person added.

This isn’t the first time Drake has posted a selfie that has fans roasting him. The rapper has continued to ignore the comments, and even appears to be trolling the critics with his selfies.