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DJ Akademiks Addresses Video of Fight Involving His Girlfriend

DJ Akademiks
DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks is well known for his abrasive way when dealing with hip-hop topics, but it seems that same aggressive attitude has spilled over into his personal life as well.

It seems the hip-hop blogger got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend in Miami, and a clip of the fight has gone viral. The video surfaced yesterday, October 13, and showed the popular critic in what looked like a heated argument with his girl.

According to reports, the heated confrontation happened after the recording of an episode of The Fresh and Fit Podcast.

Akademiks is spotted shouting in his girlfriend’s face while holding what looks like her Louis Vuitton bag. “Respect the game, n***a!” Stop this sh*t! I’m the n***a!” he can be heard screaming.

The fight escalates even further when his girlfriend tries to confront a red-haired woman behind Akademiks as he shoves her against the wall and continues his tirade getting up close and personal.

His girlfriend, who hasn’t been named, tries to stand up for herself and pulls his hat off his head aggressively before throwing it away. As has become typical of Ak’s ego, he goes for his hat before shouting, “I’m the prize!”

His girlfriend, still not backing down, takes a big swing at the red-haired woman, and that sparks another mini-battle which Akademiks tries to break up the fight, all while screaming: “Stop it!”

Yet another woman jumps into the melee and tries to team up with the red-haired woman in trying to hit Akademiks’ girlfriend. Eventually, security comes to the rescue, and all the women are separated.

The footage made the rounds on social media forcing DJ Akademiks to jumped into the comments section on TSR to give his side of things. According to the podcaster, his girlfriend was “drunk” and was being “aggressive” towards the women after they took photos with him at a party.

“So I gotta type this again… I was breaking up a fight. My girl was drunk and being aggressive wit other women cuz they were coming up to me in a party taking pics. One of the girls swung on her and that’s where this video starts I’m tryna get women to chill out. But they ain’t listening. They fighting over pics n sh*t,” he revealed.

While his explanation seemed reasonable, it didn’t stop TSR fans from weighing in with their thoughts.

“How are yall saying he trynna break up the fight…. WHAT ARE YALL SEEING??? He only aggressive to women, its never the same energy with ANY MAN that steps to him or call him out,” this fan said, while another added, “I just knew it would involve females. Him and his child-bearing hips” and this fan chimed in, “Wait whose the female that he’s all in her face. Not a good look. Teaches us something about who we be putting on a pedestal.”

However, there were many fans that came to his defense, saying that it looked like he was just trying to break up the fight.