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Ashanti Calls Irv Gotti Obsessed On Diddy’s ‘Gotta Move On Remix’

Ashanti/IG, Irv Gotti/IG

Ashanti turn her attention to Irv Gotti on Diddy’s “Gotta Move On (Remix).”

The R&B singer is teasing a new snippet, and fans seem to think she is taking shots at Murder Inc’s founder. Ashanti and Irv Gotti have had a tense relationship for years since she left the label. The Grammy-winning singer has been the object of Gotti’s anger this year after she attempted to buy back her masters from him and then decided that she would re-record the albums, killing Gotti’s royalties’ stream.

On Monday, Ashanti seemingly broke her silence after releasing a remix of “Gotta Move On” by Diddy and Bryson Tiller. A short snippet of the track had lyrics that referred to a man being obsessed and stressed.

“It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving you stressed, it’s giving you pressed,” she adds. “It’s giving this: missing the best…But it’s been 20 years, please say less we could see you and your tears… tried a new man, Yeah, you gotta move on,” Ashanti sings.

“You thought that you could have her on the weekends / Now you mad ’cause I told you I was leaving / I’m gone, I’m done,” Ashanti says in another verse.

A DJ on the track shouts out Ashanti, Yung Miami, Diddy, and Bryson Tiller, but the other verses on the Ron Browz track have not been released yet.

Ashanti’s response comes months following several damaging public statements by Gotti, who appeared bothered by Ashanti’s relationship with fellow artist Nelly. The artist also claimed that he and Ashanti were romantically involved, and they had just finished having sex when they created the hit song “Happy.”

“It helped her,” Irv said about their romantic involvement.

“I think of the whole track in the shower,” Irv shared while explaining his creative process of how “Happy” came to be after he had just been in bed with Ashanti.

Despite his many pronouncements about Ashanti, the music producer claimed he was not obsessed with Ashanti, as many fans had called him and said that he only spoke of the singer when questioned about their relationship. Irv Gotti’s response was to label himself as a marketing genius, meaning the statement might’ve been a PR stunt.