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Meek Mill Says BET Awards ‘Embarrassed’ His Baby Mother Milan Harris

Milan Harris is not letting a little “hate” from Meek Mill about her BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher upset her.

On Thursday, Meek Mill unleashed a bunch of tweets where he said that BET had set up Milano to embarrass herself after asking her to rap freestyle in the celebrity cypher of the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards. Meek went off on a rant at the network even though the freestyle was not aired on television and was only released on social media.

“Ion like ‘bet’ got my bm tryna spit bars for attention/clout,” Meek Mill wrote in a tweet. “It’s like a setup embarrassment made to look like opportunity! and I’m with the ‘women hustler empowerment motion’ but y’all drawin .. Pure manipulation.”

Meek Mill received immediate backlash, with many accusing him of being a hater, being upset that Milano was getting attention more than he was, and some even accused the rapper of attempting to put Milano “in her place,” which is that she can only be seen and represented as his baby mother and nothing else.

The rapper had a follow-up tweet to the criticisms. “I was voicing my opinion about a connection to my life and a company I been getting money wit .. .. all them women lit love to them! Everything ain’t networking especially if you say you getting money … stay true to your self ‘phones’ made us all get a lil lost even me! … I’m scared to rap and say the truth nowadays it’s soooo vicious out here … this run I am tho…. it’s like therapy for me!”

Meek also went in on BET. “Sh** not even owned by blacks to my knowledge. I live life without narrative one of the reason I don’t have religion …. The streets traumatized me and hypnotized me to that and I’m breaking that! Catch me outside I’m not perfect but I’m not living in that fame narrative lol.”

Milan Harris’ freestyle was part of a feature created with several influencers, media personalities and other influential persons in the hip-hop community who are not rappers. The cypher aimed to be fun and to give exposure to the women who participated.

A well-known Philadelphia businesswoman with her own clothing line, Milano, who dated Meek Mill for two years and welcomed a son in 2020, also clapped back at him, proving that her business power and influence are unmatched.

“Get in your bag, Stay in your bag & don’t let anyone distract you from the bag,” she wrote on Instagram referencing a popular line from hip-hop mogul Diddy.

She also announced a new sale as well taking a dig directly at Meek Mill.

“Shop our #ICantRap sale, In store and online… Thank you @bet for allowing me to step out my comfort zone and try something new and fun. I didn’t realize rapping was so hard lol,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Milano was defended by comedian and podcaster Don’t Call Me White Girl, who also featured in the cypher.

“For you to jump on Twitter and say some hateful-ass sh**, you a f***** hater,” she said in an Instagram Live video about Meek Mill. “You just like all the rest of the mad baby fathers sitting somewhere salty. For ‘attention’ and ‘clout’? No, it was to get sh** popping for the BET Awards.”