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DaBaby Blames Blackball For Dismal “Baby On Baby 2” Album Sales


DaBaby is speaking out on dismal album sales for his latest project, even after pulling a stunt with his “Boogeyman” single.

The Charlotte rapper is explaining away his latest album’s low first-week sale projections, which are abysmally low for a seasoned rapper like himself. DaBaby latest album, ‘Baby on Baby 2’ was released on September 23, but the album’s sales are said to be at least 87% lower than his debut platinum-selling album released in 2019.

On Wednesday, DaBaby shared a post on his Instagram Story which showed that his one-week projection was for 16,500 units. The rapper, however, explained away the album’s mediocre performance by claiming that the low sales were a result of being blackballed in the music industry.

“Not bad for da blackballed Baby,” he wrote on Instagram.

The rapper’s claims come amid his many shenanigans, which have alienated fans who support him. The rapper’s undoing appears to begin last year when he made several distasteful comments about people living his HIV/AIDS and about the LGBTQ community at Rolling Loud Miami. He was called out for the comments, which he doubled down on, but it appears that the rapper’s “cancellation” is finally taking effect as he has not been booked for a major event in recent time.

DaBaby also canceled an event last month because the event failed to sell enough tickets, with only about 500 people buying tickets for a stadium that could hold thousands of people.

His past albums include the 2020 project ‘Blame It On Baby’ and a 2022 collaboration with NBA YoungBoy. Since then, though, the rapper has been involved in several violent incidents, one of which he is accused of attacking a driver and his entourage in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, he was also caught on camera hitting an older man who rented an Airbnb to him but did not authorize a large crowd of people shooting a music video at the residence. Before that, he was caught on camera with his crew beating up his ex’s brother.

Along with kicking his baby mother, DaniLeigh, and their young child out of his home a year ago, DaBaby also shot and injured a man who allegedly trespassed on his property earlier this year.

The “Boogeyman” rapper has also been accused of being abusive to one of his female artists, and he was caught on camera socking another. His legal problems are many, but more so, the rapper has caused fans to turn their backs on him.

While promoting the latest album, he also claimed to have slept with Megan Thee Stallion before she was allegedly shot by Tory Lanez, which led to backlash from social media users.

“He got good music I think it’s all the drama around him that killing his sales,” one fan wrote on Instagram in response to his comments.

“Honestly, I haven’t actively seemed out his music since he did that verse on Donda, and recently with this boogyman track pillow talking about Meg just pushed me even further away from him and his music. I’m just one person so it probably don’t matter,” another wrote.

“Nope!!! He lacks humility, his arrogance and his respect for women!!! HE PRETTY MUCH BLACK BALLED HIMSELF,” another said.

“He was never good anybody who says he used to be good is a liar he was never good it was his off music antics the killing of the man in Walmart the constant negative social media Outburst the baby mama situation all those things are the only reason he stayed relevant his music always sucked…. which is why he had the name drop Megan the stallion in this album just to get any type of clout,” another said.

DaBaby’s explanation comes days after his close friend Akademiks implied that Ebro and Apple Music were blocking the rapper’s music from popular playlists.

“DaBaby ‘Baby on Baby 2’ on pace to be outside the top 20 this week. It’s expected that his first week sales would be around 13-16K first week. told u Ebro and Apple Music blackballed him,” Akademiks said on his podcast last week.

“DaBaby last project in 2020 ‘Blame it on Baby’ sold 124K first week. His new project after being blackballed by Ebro, Apple Music is scheduled to do less than 20K. Now yall understand my Ebro convo…. DSPs control who is hot and who is not. Fall out of favor with them… UR DONE,” he added.

However, Ebro said Apple Music had nothing to do with the rapper’s low numbers.

“Apple Music is not the only platform. Based on this dummy’s logic, Da Baby should be doing well on the platform HE works for. Is it?” he wrote.