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DJ Akademiks Credits 21 Savage For Helping End Meek Mill Beef

Akademiks 21
DJ Akademiks, 21 Savage

DJ Akademiks salutes 21 Savage for getting him and Meek Mill to end their beef.

Even though hip-hop beef can be quite entertaining, it’s almost always a relief for fans when it is squashed. According to DJ Akademiks, whose been trending for numerous reasons lately, 21 Savage was the one who helped squash the beef between himself and Meek Mill.

The podcaster made the claims during an appearance on The Breakfast Club yesterday, September 26. According to the hip-hop blogger, it was Savage who led from the front when it came to finding a peaceful way forward.

DJ Akademiks explained that the two of them are good with each other now and that Savage was the first to highlight that if the beef continued, he would eventually have to choose sides. Something that AK had not considered before as both Savage and Meek were friends at the time.

The “Rap Saved Me” artist also took it a step further and got the two disenfranchised parties on the phone to thrash it out, he added. Academiks attributes Meek Mill’s maturity at the time of their quarrel influenced how smoothly it was resolved.

According to AK, they had been in contact for years via DMs but never had a real conversation like the one that eventually brought peace between the two parties.

“We did have a real conversation, and it was one of, ‘Let’s stop the petty bullsh*t to each other and if we’re not gonna be going all the way with it, let’s try to mend and build towards something that could be amicable.’ That don’t mean we’re going to be best friends in the club popping bottles, but we shouldn’t be at each other’s necks,” he continued.

The beef between the two started in 2017 when Meek Mill found that Ak’s lack of coverage was disrespectful. At that time, he was behind a show called Everyday Struggle, which was gaining major popularity in the hip-hop world.

He further explained that Meek didn’t appreciate he didn’t post his album at the time, which was called Wins & Losses. The deejay admitted that he found the entire situation confusing because the Philly native and his crew had endorsed his show just six months prior.

So much so that he did a post about them, but somehow it wasn’t to their liking. He added that’s when the threats started coming in, so he decided not to post about them. That happened to be around the same time the album was dropping, and so Akademicks said he was left a bit confused since he thought they did not want him to post anything about the crew.

Fast forward to 2020, and the beef intensified with a social media back and forth that eventually saw Akademiks calling the police after Meek threatened to “green light” him.

The most famous incident coming out of the beef was the heated argument both had on Clubhouse that December, in which Meek Mill used to call out Akademiks for adding fuel to the fire. From that point, 21 Savage, who happened to be on the call, stepped in to negotiate peace between the pair.

The “Red Opps” rapper’s words got through to them as he appealed for them to use better judgement, especially considering how many people in hip-hop have admiration for them.

After the call, Meek was the first to thank Savage for his intervention.

“If you was there you know it was a great start for communication in hip hop! The way 21 handled it inspired me and was a good highlight!” he posted on Twitter.

Akademiks echoed his sentiments in his own post, where he acknowledged and thanked 21 Savage for not taking sides and offering a diplomatic solution to the feud.