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50 Cent Confirms Lawsuit Against MedSpa: “I’m a need that by Monday”

50 Cent
50 Cent

By now, G-Unit rapper 50 Cent has shown that he has great lawyers when it comes to people defaming his reputation or capitalizing on his star power for economic gain.

The rapper this week filed a lawsuit against a woman named Angela Kogan and her medical spa companies for promoting advertisements that insinuated that he had visited her company to get a penis enlargement procedure. According to the rapper, what was initially a photo op with Kogan as a fan, was used by her luxury spa companies to promote and sell products, including the said procedure that is offered to men.

The lawsuit says that the advertisements not only led to his reputation being destroyed due to the false perception it created that he had performed penis enlargement surgery but also created profits from illegally using his image. The lawsuit is a right-of-publicity claim against Kogan and her company and her businesses Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa which shared the advertisements online.

50 Cent said that while on a visit to the med spa in 2020 in Miami, Kogan requested a photo with him, and he obliged as he felt she was a fan. That photo was eventually reported by news companies that he had a penis enlargement procedure or led persons to believe so after Kogan was quoted in a Shaderoom article about penis enlargement procedures and Brazilian Butt Lifts, services her companies offer.

In the article, Kogan played up the fact that 50 Cent and other celebrities had trusted her businesses, among them Teyana Taylor, Odell Beckham, and others.

Fifty also denied that he had any penis enhancement surgery or other kinds of surgery at the med spa and said that the use of the photo subjected him to “ridicule, damaging his professional and personal reputation and violating his right to control his name and image.”

The rapper wants the court to order the med spa to stop using the photo, and he also wants unspecified damages for the infringement of his publicity rights.

In reacting to the lawsuit 50 Cent used one of his favorite lines while alluding he has already won. “Every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh what away to put your self out of business. ?I’m a need that by Monday,” he wrote.