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Latto Salutes Mariah Carey Ignore Nicki Minaj Beef: ‘Mariah Really Changed My Life’


Latto ignores her rumored beef with Nicki Minaj and instead showered Mariah Carey with praise.

Latto is one of the few lucky artists to land a collaboration with Mariah Carey. On Thursday, the artist shared her gratitude to Mariah for being able to collaborate with her and for the many welcomed changes it has made in her life. The artist shared her reflection in a tweet.

“Just sitting here thinking how @MariahCarey really changed my life. Everything has been up since you embraced me Queen,” she began. “I’m so thankful to have worked with you!!! Hope you’re having a good day,” she wrote.

It’s been a good year for the 24-year-old Atlanta artist who won Best New Artist at the BET awards back in June. This is her first career award despite a few nominations in the past. Back in March this year, things began looking up for Latto, who already had a top 10 hit with “Big Energy,” but a remix of the song featuring Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled gave Latto her first No. 1 single.

The song hit No. 1 on the United States iTunes chart within 24 hours after it was released on March 28. The song, which sampled Tom Tom Club’s 1981 single, “Genius Of Love,” was previously sampled by Mariah Carey in her song “Fantasy.”

Before her remix, “Big Energy” had peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2021, which was the highest-charting song of her career.

She previously spoke about the song’s content and why a lot of her fans related to it, where she attributed the idea to the trendy “big d*** energy” quote that started on Twitter. Latto wanted to remove the idea that the quote can only be used in a masculine context, which is why as a female rapper, she opted to create an uplifting banger purely on just that idea.

Latto recently released her album 777 and has a new song, “It’s Giving,” out on streaming services.

The Atlanta rapper’s name was recently mentioned in a rumored beef with Nicki Minaj. Latto opted to ignore those chatters and instead used her platform to homage Mariah Carey, who perhaps gave her her biggest hit to date.

Talks of a feud between Latto and Nicki Minaj arose following the Trini rapper’s recent Queen Radio, where she spoke about new female rappers trying to categorize themselves among rappers like herself who have been in the game for two decades. While she didn’t mention Latto’s name during her statement, her fans pounced on it and singled out the “Big Energy” rapper among the shortlist.